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Race ends on 2023-12-16, 23:59 CET

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  • Erik Barros, November 26

    Reporting on ZCT268

    Hello there!

    This month Frieshansen presented us with his first track in the competition: A beautiful piece of terrain work reminiscent of the Penrose Triangle. Just like the Penrose Triangle, the track presents impossible paths where you have the illusion of finishing the race while only just barely starting. The race was dominated by the use of the De Tomaso Pantera GTS, another beautiful customized car created by Alan Rotoi. The Lamborghini Countach got a place on the podium with beautiful magic carpets, the irony being that they were executed by the creator of the opposing car.

    We had another victory by Argammon, who should be congratulated for winning the title this year. And completing the podium we have KyLiE, who I believe is a strong candidate to be a new race winner. In the amateur league, I can now get my passport stamped for the professional league, but I must congratulate Spoonboy for his victory on ZCT267. I'm sure we'll continue to see some great battles between him and experienced pipsqueaks like Mark Nailwood and Ryoma.

    At Race For Kicks, we revisited the Coastal Revenge track with the Ferrari 641/2 F1-90; another great car built by Ryoma. These F1 cars are challenging to drive.

    We are reaching the end of the season and a question is in the air: Who will fight for the championship title next season? Racing at a high level requires a lot of time and dedication; it is not an easy task.

    —Erik Barros

  • KyLiE, October 10

    Reporting on ZCT266

    It had been a rough week at the track. The Countach kept losing power in the loops, and Skid ended up getting banned from the track after he stole another team's Porsche 962 and took it for a joyride through the city. It was late when I finally got home. I walked inside and put my keys on the counter. That's when I got the call. It was dreadnaut. He said "I need your help! I just realised that nobody has written a race summary since April, but I'm currently in Venice on a date with Helen. Can you help?" Slightly confused about his predicament, I said "Pour yourself a glass of Galliano and relax. I'm on it. Also, tell Helen that she's totally busted. I know about the scratches on the GTO that she tried to touch up with nail polish!"

    So then, I think we can all agree that ZCT266 was an exhausting race, so please forgive me if I gloss over a few of the finer details. The Porsche 962 and the Lamborghini LM-002 were the first cars to start trading places on the podium. Then, the McLaren Honda MP4/4 entered the field. Just when we thought the race couldn't get any more diverse, Argammon dropped an amazing replay with the Countach! It wasn't long though before power gear came knocking in the form of the Acura NSX, which ultimately became the winning car. Simply getting the Acura to achieve power gear was a feat in itself, something I wasn't able to do in the limited time I had available for this race.

    Throughout all of this was an intense LTB battle between Argammon and Duplode, something that I'm sure was equally exhausting for both of them. I think we should all reflect on just how much time and effort went into their racing, because I can assure you, it wasn't easy. In the end, Duplode took the victory, followed closely by Argammon and Alan Rotoi. Congratulations guys!

    In the amateur league, we saw an amazing performance by Erik Barros, taking first place in the amateur league, but also fifth place overall! Well done! Mark Nailwood came in second, and Spoonboy, in only his fifth race at ZakStunts, came in third. These are some impressive results when you consider how long these guys have been racing and how many people are currently competing in the amateur league.

    With that out of the way, I'd like to take a moment to mention what else is going on in the Stunts world:

    • As usual, Race For Kicks is still going strong, so come and join us if you're up for some OWOOT action!

    • DOS Game Club recently published their Stunts podcast. It's a great episode and I encourage you all to have a listen. I had a blast recording it with Cas along with newcomers DJHiP, Spoonboy and Tijn from DOS Game Club. Speaking of which, welcome to ZakStunts! They've even started their very own Stunts Leaderboard, so be sure to check that out as well.

    • Rallycross Regionals is the next scheduled live Stunts race. It's going to be an interesting one with a new set of rules. Be sure to join us if you can!

    That's all for now. Until next time, enjoy Stunts, error-free floppies, and of course, Galliano!


On this day in 2005, while racing on ZCT058, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 6pm alain: [img]2.jpg[/img] your chocolate medal is coming, CTG!!!
  • DarkChaser: "Quem sou eu Maradona, quem ? voc?? Voc? quer ser eu, eu quero ser voc?..." (Pel?, the best soccer player in all time) Huahuahuahuahuahua
  • 9pm DieselJoe: Yeah, kick their asses, DC! Cheesy
  • 10pm alain: you are late CTG... very late. it's over. I won!
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