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  • December 26

    2022 Season Wrap-up

    Hello grizzled drivers and young racers, and welcome to the 2022 ZakStunts finale. It’s been another year of great participation, exciting tracks, and surprises — in the competition and in the forum.

    The main competition opened with Alan Rotoi, the 2021 champion, holding on to the top of the scoreboard in a victory streak, closely followed by Looping Warriors in full force: CTG, Akoss Poo and Usrin were battling for the podium steps with Alan and Duplode. A third into the season, the momentum of the Hungarian team unfortunately slowed down. At the same time, the hard training to which Alan’s subjected his new team, Doubleplusspeed started to give results: Frieshansen raised to the top of the Amateur scoreboard (from which he would be kicked out mid-season after reaching 10 experience points), and the team collected two full podiums. These pushed the other strong contender for the title in fourth place, cementing (asphalting?) Alan’s lead.

    In the last third of the season, the battle for the title somehow sizzled in the background, leaving space to a number of exciting mid-scoreboard battle, including that for LTB points. KyLiE, Zapper and Frieshansen were a big part of this, and we saw more of Heretic and Overdrijf.

    Alan Rotoi again collected most of the LTB points of this season, closing the year with a 15-point lead of Duplode, and raising the Championship trophy for a second year in a row!

    Amateur competition

    This year saw the introduction of the all-new Amateur scoreboard, which replaced the Newbie Competition for all non-pro racers, new entries or longer in the tooth. Drivers can be promoted out of this category at any time, if they collect sufficient “pro” results, such as stepping on the global podium. This happened to Frieshansen last August. The season started has a two-way battle between himself and Heretic, with Ryoma, Cas and afullo fighting for third position.

    As the season progressed, the Amateur scoreboard lost first Ryoma, then Frieshansen, changing the dynamics somehow. Heretic went on with a series of strong results, bringing home the first Amateur title! Cas and afullo duelled for the rest of the season, but Cas made it second with a four-point lead. Shoegazing Leo pushed on the accelerator in the second part of the season, but that was not enough to catch up with the podium results.

    A few new and old faces showed promise as well, but with fewer results are stuck mid-scoreboard: Daniel3D, Erik Barros, ZdnBurns, but also Kaweashkar, Shorty (welcome back!), and last-minute entry LA108!

    Team competition

    I might be biased here, but the new team on the block, Doubleplusspeed, had a really strong season in 2022! With 100% participation and two full-team podiums, they lift the trophy 61 points ahead of Cork’s Crew. In third position we find Rolling Stunts, with 123 points and 88% participation—an impressive result with a four-people team. Fourth place to Looping Warriors, lifted by a strong start of the season, and good coverage by CTG and Usrin in the latest months.

    This is a good place to advertise the team thread on the forum, where teams and racers can find each other for next year, whether they are recent arrivals at ZakStunts, or long-running teams looking for some fresh blood.

    Live races

    A shout here to Cas, Daniel3D, KyLiE and Overdrijf for organising awesome live racing events. We had three well-attended edge-of-your-seat events, a record in recent years. So we are looking to organise four in 2023, and beat that record. That’s how the Stunts community likes to live.

    Forum life

    Lunchtime was a bit ago, and I don’t dare starting on a “State of the Community” section. I’ll leave writing one of those post to someone else—mmmh, yes, YOU! Lots of interesting activity though, including more reverse engineering work, exciting new cars, threads full of statistics. We do love some Excel after dinner.

    A final thank-you goes to Zak for helping with the server upgrade, which means we now have an improved forum and a much shinier wiki. Looking forward to see them grow in the next year!


  • October 18

    Reporting on ZCT254

    In my experience, tracks that have the least amount of planning involved usually end up being the most engaging. Of course, there are exceptions, but this certainly ended up being the case with Island Run, my second ZakStunts track. There was a diverse line-up of cars fighting for the lead, so let's review what went down, shall we?

    I was the first to hit the tarmac in the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R. My time was competitive, but it wasn't long before Zapper waded into battle with the Jaguar XJR9 IMSA and took the lead. I managed to overtake him in the Skyline, but then he switched to everyone's favourite car, the Lamborghini Countach. I really don't know why there is so much hate for the Countach, I actually enjoy driving it! Anyway, I was able to maintain the lead by switching to the Countach as well. Frieshansen also had a chop in the Countach and managed to take the lead momentarily. A few hours later though, I was back in front, but not by much. Still, I managed to hold my position for quite some time, enough to gain another LTB point!

    Eventually, Zapper regained the lead in the Jaguar. This started an impressive battle with Usrin whose car of choice was the Audi Quattro. With so many different cars fighting for the lead, it was anyone's guess as to which one would be victorious. As I shared with my team mates, my money was on the Jaguar. But where were Alan Rotoi and Duplode in all of this? Alan Rotoi was present throughout most of the race, albeit holding back for the most part with only 28 leading hours. Duplode on the other hand was MIA until the very end of the race, submitting only a single replay.

    Alright, enough with the commentary, who won? Well, congratulations must go to Alan Rotoi for winning the race with an impressive time of 1:08.26 in the Jaguar. Frieshansen amazingly came in second (which is his best position so far) and Duplode placed third with his eleventh-hour replay. In the amateur league, Heretic took a well-deserved first place, followed by Cas in second. To finish things off, newcomer Kaweashkar impressively placed third in his very first race! Well done!

    Along with Kaweashkar from Chile, this race also saw Erik Barros from Brazil join us at ZakStunts. Welcome to the competition! There are only three races left for this season, and as usual, I'm keen to see how it all plays out.


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  • 1pm Imperas: Ehm.. You deleted my and dosbox's scores as well :O
  • MOE: I would like to send tracks as well, for next competitions
  • 2pm Marco: I cannot believe that the italians were CTG ...really ? They have a very great english to be italian to be honest Smiley))
  • Imperas: Marco ho parlato con Alessandro (dosbox92 ) su facebook e chiarirà il tutto mandando un email a zak e dreadnaut. È inconcepibile tutto questo.
  • Zak McKracken: logins disabled. You're still not funny.
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