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This is a FAQ, mainly for newbies. It contains general information about Stunts. Last change: 01/08/2001

What is Stunts?

It's an old but fantastic racing game on the PC platform, first released in 1990.

What do I need to run Stunts?

I've seen Stunts running on an IBM-8086 (XT), but for a better performance you need at least a 80286, for the best a 386. 1MB RAM, and a Hercules graph. card is enough. So you need almost nothing. :) For the sound you need at least the PC-speaker, but a SB or Adlib compatible card is required. The graphic can be boosted to fancy MCGA (it's between EGA and VGA) You get the best racing experience under pure DOS, but Windows and Linux is good too. :)

That sounds like an old, shitty game. Why would I play it?

Because of the atmosphere. It's unique, you have almost abspolute freedom while driving, many possibilities, many intresting tricks to learn (either built-in, or bug :), and of course the many worldwide contests are superb.

What versions exist?

There are 3 of them. We call them Broderbund 1.0, Broderbund 1.1, and Mindscape 1.1. That's because two companies released the game. First Broderbund, under the name "Stunts", and later Mindscape, as a paret of their "4d sports" series, they called it: "4d sports driving"

What are the differences between these versions?

Ver 1.0 has more annoying things. :) It's easier to wreck your car, cars are a bit slower, replay handling is terrible. MS 1.1 is a bit better, you can't jump through the tunnels, many bugs fixed, and replay handling is better. But I recommend BB 1.1, because the cars have slightly better acceleration, and you can access the 6th gear (explaind later) much easier. If you want to race, it's highly recommended.

I want to try it. Where can I get it?

Stunts isn't sold anymore. You can download it free, from here.

I downloaded it. How can I start it?

Extract it to a directory, and first run setup.exe. Set the graphics to MCGA, and select your sound board (Sound Blaster in most cases). Then Save, and exit. Then it gets a bit more harder, because stunts has an internal protection, and you need to break it. The Neverlock Loader solves this problem, it's packed with stunts. In the distribs out there you have to start: st.com for BB 1.0, stunts_k.exe for BB 1.1, and stunts.com for MS 1.1 If it isn't working, then try to start it with every .com and .exe file. If the protection isn't disabled, you get a message when you start driving, and get wrecked. If it's not clear, write me, I'll give help.

How can I determine, what version do I have?

When you click on options in the main menu, it'll be written on the top of the screen. If you have 4d sports driving, it displays a Mindscape logo instead of a Broderbund logo at startup.

How do I play?

It's very easy. First select a track, then a car, and last an opponent. It's explained in the next points.

How do I select a track?

Well, it's easy. First select a track at "tracks". Be warned, you can have max. 127 tracks in one directory, otherwise you get problems. You can switch directories at "path" above the list. You can also edit your own tracks with the built-in editor, but I recommend using an external editor, which has a cleaner interface. (like Nailwood Companies Track Blaster Pro -it's free).

How do I change my car

Click on "Car" in main menu. You get the car showcase screen, and can change between the 11 built-in cars of stunts, change their color, and choose type of transmission.

Are there any more cars?

Yes, you can download some cheat-cars from other sites, and add them to your copy of stunts.

How do I select opponents?

Click on "Opponents". There are 6 opponents in stunts, unfortunately every of them are very weak. I recommend choosing a good opponent, and giving them a better car then yours. When he/she won't wreck, then it can be a good challenge. :) Of course you can race against the time.

Can I improve the opponents skills?

No, there is only one way, there is an "Opponent Blaster" for BB 1.0, which changes the speed limits of the opponents, but they only will wrack more. :( The best way is to take part in some competitions, and race against other people.

Can I play multi-player over LAN, Modem, or anything?

Unfortunately not. If you could, this would be the best game ever. That's why some maniacs are planning to make Stunts 2, but it's a big job.

OK, I selected everything I needed. How do I drive?

Click on "Let's Drive" You'll get a password-requesting prompt, simply ignore it. If you have the crack running, there is no problem. You'll find yourself in your car, and you can star driving.

How do I control my car?

The best way is using the keyboard. You can drive with the arrows, and change gear with space, or with a/z buttons. You can also control your car using the mouse, or a joystick, but they not as good, as the keyboard.

How can I go backwards?

You cannot. There is no reverse gear.

I've got only 5 gears. What is this 6th gear, that you've talked about?

Well it's either a bug, or a built-in feature, we don't know, but with some cars (in BB 1.1 every car has a smaller or bigger 6th gear) if you go in the 5th gear, and jump one, then your engine hangs out, and you're going faster than your top speed. And most importantly you don't slow down on the grass! Of course the handling is the same, so it's not easy to control your car in the 6th gear.

Can I change view?

Yes, with buttons F1 to F4, between Dashboard, Helicopter, Chase and TV views. If you open your replay panel (just simply pressing escape while driving you can change the properties of the chase view, so you can race from almost every camera position you want.

Can I save my gorgeus driving or crash?

Yes, by hitting escape, and selecting "save replay"

Why are there some holes in the stage, and why are the graphics so bad?

Hey, I told you, this game was made in 1990! It have had to run on a 286. It runs, and these graphics were fantastic in that era.

Where can I download the utils you've told about?

Just check out the Downloads section, or visit my links. ;)

Now everything is clear. How could I reward you? :)

Just simply join my competiton. :) If you have any more questions, simply visit the forum.

Submitted by Zak McKracken on 2001-08-01.