ZakStunts 2023

The original box of Stunts. Looks great!
Stunts - ZakStunts 2024 edition

This is the official package for racing on ZakStunts in 2024. It includes the Broderbund 1.1 version of Stunts, the five custom cars which you may also race with this year: Ferrari F40, Ford Thunderbird, Lancia Stratos, Lola Cosworth Indy, LWT-ZR1 GT3.

Start the game with stunts_k.exe!

ZakStunts 2024 official car pack - Included in Stunts 2024 edition

This archive includes the five custom cars (Ferrari F40, Ford Thunderbird, Lancia Stratos, Lola Cosworth Indy, LWT-ZR1 GT3) available for use at ZakStunts in 2024. If you want to maintain your previous Stunts install, just copy these files into that directory.

Track and replay collections

Stunts Competition Archive 2022

This is the full competition archive, updated every two years. It contains all known Stunts competition tracks available at the moment: almost a thousand tracks! You can also access a huge selection of winning replays, for almost all included tracks, from which you can learn, and be the best racer.

Simply extract the zip file into your Stunts directory.

Many thanks for Duplode and Krys Toff for their help collecting and maintaining all this stuff!

Zak McKracken's Track Pack

Lots of tracks (more than 2500!!!) collected from the internet and from friends, categorized by letter. Doesn't include highscores or competition tracks.

Third-party utilities

Bliss - on the developer's website

A modern editor developed by Cas, with mouse support and a huge number of features. Runs on Windows and DOS/Dosbox. Get this one!

Nailwood Company's Track Blaster

The historical external track editor for Stunts, and a very good one. DOS/DosBox only.

Nailwood Company's Car Blaster

With this utility you can edit any parameter of a car, but beware, it's not easy to change for example the gear ratios, so I recommend this one for experts only. And do not try to tune up your competition cars, I'll know it.

Nailwood Company's Score Blaster

Not as useful as the other tools, but if you mistyped your name in a hi-score chart, you can correct it with this. It can can also merge two highscore files.

Unofficial add-ons & mods

Custom cars - on the Southern Cross website

For custom (non-cheat) cars which are also used in ZakStunts see the official ZakStunts car pack above, or the Southern Cross Stunts Trophy website!

Cheat cars

Simply copy these files to your stunts directory, and you'll have some new cars which are fast as hell, and even stop in a second. Unfortunately they look the same as the old cars, and of course no racing with these allowed.

Zapper's engine sounds

This replaces stunts's engine sounds with much better ones. Download it and read the readme. Many-many thanks fly to Zapper.

Zapper's car pack

This adds several cars to your stunts. They are the same ones you had until now, but they are tuned/detuned to match the original cars, they were modeled from. Highly recommended to use together with Zapper's engine sound pack, and also forbidden to use them in the competition until not told any other way. Again a big bunch of thanks to Zapper. :)