Hi! I`m Bernie. As you may know, I`m not the best driver, but I can teach you two basic tricks, which are much important, than any other one, if you want to be a good racer. These are the following:

Replay handling
The 6th speed, "power gear"
Advanced Replay Handling (by Mingva)
Howdy. I`m joe, and I`ll teach you how to make great shortcuts to improve your time. So listen carefully, you can learn a lot from me, boy. Shortcuts are hidden in almost every track, even in some closed ones. In the first part you will lurn the basics. Part 2 contains more harder shortcuts and in Part 3 you'll lurn how to find shortcuts by yourself

Part 1:
Loop Jumping (by Roy)
Corkscrew Jumping (by Roy)
Fast Grass (by Roy)
Grass Shortcuts (by Roy)
Part 2:
The Loop bug (by Roy)
The Slalom bug (by Roy)