ZdnBurns Brazil

Joined on March 2021 (Amateur)
40 years old

Not part of a team

  • Expertise

    Better in to accelerate than to break, or curve, or doing incredible stunts (or even write in English). Other way, I like tracks not too long with easy curves! :)

  • Problems

    Still learning how to avoid the loops.

  • Background

    I'm a engineer, but the projects I most like are these simple and fantastic tracks. I want, someday, collaborate with a game project based on the principles of Stunts.

  • Comment

    I'm really used (or still using sometimes) to dream with this game, the scenario, all the possibilities of terrain and tracks. This is a amazing game, with all its simplicity. I'm just a fan, not good driver. Started in the game at 1997, or something near it, but far away for a long time until 2021.

Seasonal activity

ZdnBurns 2021 2022 Average
Sent replays 163.5
Active days 163.5
Participation rate 8%33%20.5%
Final/Current position 33rd 16.5
Best position 21st010.5
Average position 2105.3

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