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Trx is on the 9th place. I've already started to update some sections of the page, so looks like I can finish it on the first of January, or in worst case on the second.
Argammon is pretty close, he sent 1:17.65, but stayed on the second place. Happy new year and all of teh stuff. :) Update hopefully on the 1st of January.
Juank 23 sent a better time, nothing else. New server isn't ready yet, so the big update will come a bit later. but of course the competition closes by the end of december. Now it still isn't late to make/join a team!
Hi! We've got two updates, one from Argammon, a very nice time, and a new racer, Juank 23, you may know him from the Kalpen's comp, welcome! He is also looking for a team to join. I'll do the updates in the holidays too, don't worry. :) I wrote up on my to-do list, that I should make thumbnails at the racers page, it's getting bigger and bigger, and I'm always too lazy to make it. :) I'm also talking with 3 friends, hope at least 1 will work, and I'll get loads of server place, with a quite fast access. Merry Christmas for all of you, if I don't update until then.
Ben is up to the 3rd place, still with auto transmission. Btw., yesterday was my birthday, and I'm not a teenager anymore. :(( (Yes, I'm 20. :)) But nothing to be sad about, I got a digicam from my family. Now only if I could remember where have I put those awards... :(
Idiot on the sixth place with 1:28.55, manual. Corrected the many wrong links at the games. Why didn't you tell they were bad? :) Hopefully I'll get my ADSL in January, so expect great updates.
Bonzai Joe on the second place under 1:20, manual.
Iribaar started this month on the sixth place, and I jumped to the second. Iribaar also wrote comments.
Let's see starting from below... Paulo is 4th wirth 1:24.30, then Ben is 3rd with 1:24.20 auto transmission, Bonzai Joe second with 1:22.50, and Bismarck is first with an incredible 1:16.20. Sometimes I can't believe he doesn't cheat, but it look like he is such a great driver. :)
Surprise, surprise... :) From now on, you can read a detailed description of the actual month's track written by Bonzai Joe, master track-analyser. :) You can always find it under the track picture. Hardly recommended for beginners, but if you think you're a good driver, still don't miss it, you can always learn.
New month is here, scoreboards updated, track&car is up. Finally there are 9 new games to download, all great ones, but they are on an external server so if you experience any problems, mail me.


Bonzai Joe sent under 1:50, he is 4th. You have one more day left, hurry up!
Iribaar changed to manual transmission, and now he is on the fifth place. No oher replays. :( I have lot of work to do, I'm designing an other webpage, and translating a game to Hungarian, but I do have enough time to keep this site updated daily, so it only depends on you. :) Month is already over, hurry up!
Bismarck is first with a fantastic 1:47.35, and we have comments at last, Iribaar wrote some words about the car&track, check it out!
We have a new driver from Austria, Iribaar. Welcome! He landed on the 8th place, just in front of Paulo. Also Roy's back on his usual place, his time is 1:47.65.
Trx drove a slightly better time again, and looks like the guys at the top of the scoreboard are in danger, because our newcomer Bismarck has driven an 1:48.70, landing on the second place, congratulations!
Ben sent a fantastic 1:48.00 with AUTO transmission, and Trx has driven a slighly better time. And finally, Bonzai Joe is back again, he landed on the fourth place.
Weekend again... :) Paulo is 7th with a time above 2 mins, and Idiot is on the 5th place. He also set up a new team, named Headless Chickens, at the moment he is the only member, but more to be come... :) They have a cool logo, check it out at racers&teams.
Trx with a new time, below 2 mins, manual transmission. I've driven an 1:51.45, same time as Ben.
First replay this month, Ben sent an 1:51.45. Games will be uploaded soon, I just installed linux on my computer (again. :), and everything screwed up. :)) Lots of activity this weekend. :) 3 new replays among with a new racer. Welcome Bismarck! He landed on the 3rd place. We have also a replay from Roy, he is first as usual, and from Trx, he is at the 4th place now. Also new comments are up.
First replay this month, Ben sent an 1:51.45. Games will be uploaded soon, I just installed linux on my computer (again. :), and everything screwed up. :))
New track and car is out, scoreboards updated. We had quite a quiet month, maybe this will be more exciting. The track is a little longer, than usual, but very good! My girlfriend made it. :) You must wait a little for the new games, I must get more webspace, my account at the university is full. But there are lots of good games waiting to be uploaded!


The end is near... :) We have a new racer, welcome Tangent! He is on the 7th place now.
Roy made a slightly better time, still first, and Trx jumped to the seventh place.
Looks like this will be a quiet month. Maybe Roy sent a too good time. :) Trx sent an 1:29.80, he is 8th. Sure he can do this better. :)
Long silence. :(( Ben sent an 1:12.50, manual transmission, he is fourth now.
Paulo sent a good time again, now he is the third, 1:12.20.
Paulo sent in a besser time, he is now on the 4th place with 1:13.75.
Two new entries, Ben landed on the fourth place, and our new racer, Idiot on the seventh.
I found out the rules of the team scoring. This year teams won't get an award, but next year the first three will get one. It's only up to you. :) Check out the rules at the rules. :)
Comments available on the scores page
New leader is Roy with 1:09.85.
THE AWARDS ARE READY!!! My girlfriend designed them, they look great! Now I only need to copy them, and scan to make available on the page, just for a look. :) The first 3 drivers will get one, I pay the posting bills, of course. Until them you can imagine, it's kind of a certificate, with cool graphics, all drawed by hand, no computer, on an architectural paper. You can hang it on your wall, if you win it. Everything is possible, so go and race now. :)
Paulo sent a slightly better time, check out the scoreboard
Also we have a new leader, I made a fantastic 1:10.25 :)) New leader is now Roy, he sent an 1:12.50
Scoreboard updated, new leader is Argammon with 1:13.05, manual transmission.
Scoreboard updated, Roy is the leader with 1:14.25. Also we have a new racer, Ravager, a friend of Argammon, he is 3rd now.
Scoreboard updated, new leader is Paulo with 1:18.00
All scoreboards updated, and moved, new car and track is out. Roy won the last month, Sylvain was second, and Argammon third. Congratulations, and thanks for all of you, for sending so much replays. Just as I imagined, if you send your replay immediately, than the race is much more fun. The 3 best replays are packed together with the new track. :) Also one new game is on, Test Drive 2 with addons! Great fun that way!


Scoreboard update, Argammon jumped to the 3rd place, and Paulo made a better time, but stayed on his place. You can still send inm your best replays, if I'll be awake, then I close the comp. after midnight (CET), if not, then tomorrow afternoon.
Scoreboard updated again, new leader is Roy with 1:08.75. The awards at the end of the year will be real awards, that's 90% sure now, the plans are in my head.
Scoreboard updated. I've misread Sylvain's time, it's an amazing 1:08.90! Also Roy sent an 1:09.55, he is second, and Gus is 3rd with 1:09.65.
New time, new leader. Gus was leader for only 1 hour. :) Now it's Argammon with 1:09.75. Somebody else has a bit better time too, but it really doesn't matter. I don't erase the previous news now, I think it's new enough. :)
Wow, looks like weekend is here. I received 3 replays in 3 hours: :) Roy and Sylvain both jumped to the 2. place with 1:09.90, but our new leader is Gus again, with 1:09.80. Also a new comment by poor old Otto
Scoreboard updated, leader is still Argammon, Roy jumped to the second place with 1:10.15.
Scoreboard updated, new leader is Argammon with 1:10.00.
So I finally changed the direction of the news. Hurray. :)
Scoreboard updated, new leader is Gus with 1:10.25.
From now on you can always find the latest news on the top of the welcome page. Archived news is places here only.
And yes, I was shocked about yesterdays happenings too, as all my friends and my family. I wish peace for people all over the world. Fight against extremists and fanatics as much as you can, but NEVER be racist. That's all I wanted to say. Goodnight.
OK, it's an other theme, but I wrote so much news already, it really doesn't matter. :) Tomorrow will be the second anniversary that I came together with my girlfriend, so I'm quite happy now, altough we have some problems between eachother in the last time. But that's really not the point of the news. :)
Quite excirting race is between the racers, better and better times come and sink very fast, thank you all, competitors, it's really much more fun to manage the site whene there is real race. :)
I joined the TOAR ring roday, which is a webring of abandon- and oldwarez sites. But I WON'T put on any oldwarez on the site, I agree with the policies of TUOL and Abandoned Places.
Finally, the first part of the driving school is done, Bernie's. Take a look, and wirte if you like it. It's highly recommended for beginners, but I wait everyone's comments.
Finally, new games uploaded. I don't know what to upload, so I'm waiting for your requests.
Competition of August closed, new car and track is out now.


1 day left only... Please send in your replays.
Join the Stunts!-Racing mailing list, you can do this at the guestbook.
New ranking method, which is much more fair than the none before, I think. Hope it's not a problem, it seems to be the last change. I still don't know how the team ranking should work, I'm working on it... I've posted the new method on the mailing list, and of course it's on the rules page.
New replays finally came, so scoreboard is updated. Helen is still viewing the replays. :))
Well it's much more fantastic for me, that I've just joined The Ultimate Oldgames Linkpage, and the Abandoned Places, so I hope there will be more racers soon. :)
3 new games and some new stunts utils uploaded. Stunts finally downloadable.
FANTASTIC UPDATE!!!! JTK gave me an idea, and he doesn't even know he did. :) From now on, every month will have a host. An opponent, who is commenting YOUR replays, YOUR driving. And of course the others write comments about the car and the track. At least one positive and one negative comment for each one every month. And please, if you feel the talent in yourself, write comments in the name of the opponents, you can't see that month. Help me out, to make the site even better. So, all of the comments now uploaded. Hope you'll like this new stuff.
I'm on holiday until monday. When I arrive, I want to see many replays in my inbox. :))
It's August, so finally a new track is out, with a new car. Check it out! All scoreboards and tables updated of course. If you know better ranking methods, please write.
Mini-FAQ uploaded, I'm working hard on the driving school.
Well, the site is 5 months old, and still living, now redesigned. :) Hope you like it. I've put on some intresting stuff with the redesign, (car showcase, downloads), and I'm working on the driving school and the mini-faq, which both will be unique, I think. :) I'll always inform you when a new part is done, it'll take some time to finish.