ZakStunts rules for 2001

FAQ about the main directives, and information about the contest.

I never took part in your competiton before, what should I do?

Download the track, and send your best replay to me. Send also the country where you live (not necessary, if you take part in JTK And KHR's Competition), and maybe a pic. Also send me, that you do confirm or not, putting your replays on the page every month.

Later it's enough if you send your replay. :)

I want to form a new team with somebody

Please send me the team's name, members of the team, maybe if you have time, write a small description, and/or a logo of yor team. If there will be enough (at least 2 :))), I'll make the teams page. :)

I want to send comments about the car/track of the month

Don't be shy. I'd really love it, if you all write reviews. Simply send it to [redacted], and i'll put it on the page.

How does the ranking work?


Every month the first one gets 10 points, the second 9, and so on... That's easy.

At the Season's Rankings it's the following:

  • I add together your points, and divide it with the number of races done. That's a number between 0 and 10, the first part.
  • The other part is: 1 point for your first 5 finished races, and then a half point for all the other finished ones.

These two parts together make the sum, and if 2 racers have equal sum, then the average ranking decides.

That's all. I'm working on the team scoring, until it's done, the points are simply added together.

When are the scoreboards updated?

The scores of the month are updated frequently. The team's scores is only summarized, at the end of the month. The new track, the car of the month, the season's racers/team results, and the replays will be updated on the first week of every month. I'll notify every active racers in email.

Sorry if there are any delays. :)

Are there any other rules?

Yes, some:

  • You must use Stunts version 1.1 (Broderbund or Mindscape), the given monthly car, and the track with no modifications. Please be fair.
  • Computer driven racers get advantages in some cases, like converting a jump to a "bridge" in the track, because of the poor AI.
  • I may take part in my competition, but only like a ghost. I'll appear on the scoreboard, but don't get any points.
  • You can use some legal cheats, the most important is, that when you save a not wrecked state on the track, you can continue from where you saved. If it's unclear, visit the driving school.

If you have any further questions, ask them.

—Zak McKracken, race coordinator. :)