ZakStunts rules for 2005

If you read this you are ready to race, please read at least once:

  1. Download the current track from the site, and race on it with the car defined below it or in the info-file.
  2. You can use any version of Stunts but Broderbund 1.1 is HIGHLY recommended
  3. You can leave the road or make shortcuts, but beware of penalty time!
  4. Discover and use "Replay Handling"! It'll save you a lot of time and improve your results.. Learn it in the Driving School
  5. If you dislike Replay Handling, and want to try your real skills, head over to the NoRH Rules section.
  6. When finished racing, save your replay and send it from the web form, or via email to the admin.
  7. You can send as many replays as you want.
  8. Any modification to the car, track or replay is strictly forbidden.
  9. Contact the other racers (most of them don't bite :) and join a team if you want to improve your skills.
  10. The best place to ask is the forum. No registration needed there.

read them at your own risk, but don't complain to me if you haven't done it :)

The Rules:

  • modification of the rules is not likely to happen during the season, and if it can occur only after a vote/opinion ask in the forum
  • if anything is unclear ask the race administrator

The Schedule:

  • A season lasts for one year, and consists of 12 races.
  • All times and dates on the site are in GMT+1, it's the official time zone of the competition :)
  • Every track lasts for one month, starting 0:00 on the first day, and ending 21:00 on the last day of the month.
  • Track deadline is 21:00 on the last day of the track. Replays RECEIVED after that time are invalid.
  • Last two days of each track (friday-saturday) are called 'quiet days'. No updates on the scoreboard are made then, except if you send the time.
  • Leading-time calculation (explained later) lasts from the first Monday 0:00h of the track until the quiet days start.
  • There'll be racks with special rules during the summertime. These count as normal competition tracks.

The System:

  • Every racer should send his own replays with the web form after he has registered
  • Current scoreboard is generated automatically each time you check it
  • Seasonal and team scores are refreshed every 10min, according to the current standings.
  • The admin can change ANY TIME your submitted result after checking the replay
  • Any form of system abuse results in the banning from the competition


  • It's highly recommended for you to join or form a team. It greatly improves your racing skills, and your motivation to race.
  • Teams consist of minimum 2,  maximum 5 racers.
  • You can join any team if allowed, but if you joined one, you can't leave it through the year, only with losing all your team points.
  • When you join a team, and you didn't have one before all your previous results count as the team's too.
  • If you form a new team, every member must send me a confirmation email, and the team's name, possibly a team logo.
  • Team members may share their knowledge or replays, but it's forbidden to race in the name of an other teammate, or to use a part of your mate's replay for continuing.
  • I gladly host any team headquarter site on the server, if there's a need for it.

Scoring + Bonuses:

  • It's the following on each and every track through the whole season:
  • Position:


























  • Racers below the 12th place receive point fractions in order to make possible having rankings between them too.
  • Leading Time Bonus (LTB):
    The system tracks how much you were on the top of the scoreboard. The one with the most time gets +2 bonus points, the one with the second most time gets +1 bonus point each month. To earn a bonus point you must have at least 48 hours leading time, if you have below this value, you won't get the point. Every new track is out on saturday, leading time calculation starts on next Monday 0:00h, and lasts until the quiet days

Seasonal + Team Scoring:

  • Your seasonal score is the summary of the points you earned on the tracks + your bonuses earned
  • Your two worst results don't count at the season's rankings. (missing a track some kind of a result too :)
  • Team score is the summary of the best two member's points each track.
  • None of the bonus points count for teams.

Most Important Rule:


Page last updated: 2004.11.16

NoRH competition

Do you know what Replay Handling is? I bet you know. If you don`t, go first and learn about it in the Driving School.
If you already know what RH is and dislike it enough to try racing without it, this is your place.

  • The main rule in NoRH competition is, that if you crash, you must start over the track from the beginning. You are not allowed to rewind the replay. OK, pausing and resting for a while before grabbing the wheel (keyboard) again is valid :)
  • NoRH competition is based on trust more than anything else in Stunts Competitions. Since we cannot check if you have used RH (rewinding your replay and continuing from there) in your sent replay or not, we simply take your word and vow, that you haven`t.
  • In order not to have any objection to cheat, in NoRH competition there are no points, nor seasonal or team scores. It`s just an opportunity to have a clean race between veteran racers, and those who dislike Replay Handling
  • Some can be suspicious. If you have a very good time, some may accuse you by using RH. If you haven`t, and your soul is clean, ignore their words, defend your right. If you are a cheater, sooner or later the others will surely ignore you.
  • You can send your NoRH replay at the "Send Replay" menu item after logging in. Simply change the Competition field to ZCTXX NoRH, and send your replay as you usually do.
  • The rest of the rules simply follow the main championship`s rules, without the baffling about point systems of course, which are not needed here.
  • Remember this is only an opportunity to have some more extra fun. The best driver is officially alyways the one on the top of the real scoreboard. If you want to win and become the best at all costs, try it there. Don`t ruin other`s fun.
Zak McKracken, 2005.05.09