ZakStunts rules for 2002

FAQ about the main directives, and information about the contest.

I never took part in your competiton before, what should I do?

Download the track, and send your best replay to me. Send also the country where you live (not necessary, if you take part in JTK And KHR's Competition), and if you want, a pic of you.

Later it's enough if you send your replay. :)

I want to form a new team with somebody

A team consist of maximum 4 racers now, if you want a team with more members contact me first please. It can be a national or an international team. If you found a mate, decide your team name, maybe design a logo, and send them to me.

The team scoring is described below.

I want to send comments about the car/track of the month

Don't be shy. I'd really love it, if you all write reviews. Simply send it to [redacted], and i'll put it on the page.

How does the ranking work?

Every month the first one gets 10 points, the second 9, and so on...

There's an addition valid from 2nd October, 2002, midnight:

  • Anytime I get a replay via email or irc, I check the sendtime in GMT+1. if it's the first on the scoreboard, then i write that time up, and strat counting. When I get another replay, which takes the first place, I write it up, with the sendtime, and the racer who sent the previous leading time, gets as much HOURS (14:59 is still 14:00), he was leading the board.
  • At the end of the month the racer with the most hours collected gets +1 points bonus, the second most +0.5 points bonus, and the third +0.25 points bonus.
  • Below the current scorerboard I'll always notice how much leading time each racer has collected, but I'll only refresh it, if someone else takes the lead.

At the Season's Rankings it's the following:

  • I add together your points, and divide it with the number of races done. That's a number between 0 and 10, the first part.
  • The other part is: No bonus for your first entry, 1 point bonus from the 2. to the 8. entry, and 0.5 points bonus for the following 4 races, if you enter of course.

These two parts together make the sum, and if 2 racers have equal sum, then the average ranking decides. That's all.

I'm working on the team scoring, until it's done, the points are simply added together.

What about team rankings?

Performance has a bit more weight here, and frequent racing is worth less, because you have to race frequent, if you want good results.

Your team may have 1 to 6 members. The team scoring is the following:

If I get replays from...
One member His points are multiplied by 1.6, if it was 0 it'll be 0.75.
Two members Their points are added together, but at least 1 point.
Three members Their points are added together and multiplied by 0.7, but at least 1.25 points.
Four members Their points are added together and multiplied by 0.55, but at least 1.5 points.
Five members Their points are added together and multiplied by 0.48, but at least 1.75 points.
Six members Their points are added together and multiplied by 0.45, but at least 2 points.

If you're good at mathematics you'll see that bigger teams have a very little advantage, that's because it's much harder to be in the top with 3 or 4 members, than to be there with two.

About sending the replays in the last minute...

The last two day of the month will always be a quiet day. Last update the day before, and the next around (CHANGED!!!) 8PM on the last day of the month, with all the scores, the new track and car, and the strict closure. Think about it as a penalty for sending the replay on the last day.

If you want to make sure you'll finish, send the replay the day before the last one. If you write in the mail that you don't want yor time to appear on the site, I'll accept it. BUT ONLY ON THAT DAY. I don't think it's fair to send the replay on the last day, to prevent reactions, but it's neither fair, that who has the most time the last day, has much better chances. That's all.

I want to change my teammate, what now?

Then do it. :) All the scores a racer achieves in a given year belongs to the team he's in at the moment. So check out twice whom to take in your team, and think it over that you really want to leave, or not.

When are the scoreboards updated?

The scores of the month are updated frequently. The team's scores is only summarized, at the end of the month.

The new track, the car of the month, the season's racers/team results, and the replays will be updated on the first week of every month. I'll notify every active racers in email.

Sorry if there are any delays. :)

Are there any other rules?

Yes, some:

  • You can use any Stunts version (altough BB 1.1 is highly recommended), the given monthly car, and the track with no modifications. Please be fair.
  • Me, and the other sitemasters later may be, can take part in my competition, like everyone else.
  • You can use some legal cheats, the most important is, that you can rewind your replay anytime (even if wrecked), and continue your drving from there. The replay is valid even if it says continued, and you can't write your name on the highscore table.

If you have any further questions, ask them.

—Zak McKracken, race coordinator. :)