1337haxoryt United States

Joined on June 2021 (Amateur)
19 years old

Not part of a team

  • Expertise

    Great at straightaways, slaloms, and skipping corkscrews.

  • Problems

    Terrible at dirt and ice corners, can't do loop or slalom skip. He's also terrible at corkscrews.

  • Background

    Up and coming racer from New York, USA. One of if not the youngest racer participating in ZakStunts. His racing career began Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 when he signed up for the Zakstunts competition. Before that, he only dabbled in small tracks.

  • Comment

    Devout fan of banked corners.

Seasonal activity

1337haxoryt 2021 Average
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Active days 33.0
Participation rate 16%16.0%
Final/Current position 24th
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Average position 12.512.5

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