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ZCT39 review before the race

Hello, ladies. I'll try to introduce you on Caleidoscope track. From first view, track seems long and newbie or amateur racer will be satisfied with time about 2 minutes. But skillful racers, like me, will finish in around 1:40.

And now let's jump in beautiful Ferrari and take a look to the track. Firstly, don't forget to fasten your seatbelt ;) Here we go! Car easily drives from platform and we can see a boulevard in front. I hope, to everyone it's clear to use boulevard for a small jump. After is a dirt corner. Take it easy, because not everyone can handle a naughty beauty :) And watch speedometer, you should take a corner in ~100 mph. Then is comming another, but this time paved corner.

It shouldn't be very hard to cut loop, after which is chicane. And then comes an important part of the track. You'll need to do a turn in the air and to land on road. If you're really good as me, you can reach top speed after corkscrew left/right. Only don't forget those small jumps on banked road. After banked corners appears a sharp elevated corner. Pfff, it's a place where I'm always going directly to water :( Hmm, probably my brakes were worn out. So, my advice would be: check your car before going to race!

After second elevated corner is a quite long straight road with many different Stunts elements. It's easy to pass them all and to reach maximum speed again. Only by jumping over corkscrew up/down be carefull and don't drive in the middle of road. Because you'll crash to boulevard. Then come another interesting part of the track with elevated road. After it, try to keep ~120mph if you want to jump over bridge. After it use small jumps in banked road again. By going on icy hill, turn to left on the top (but don't brake), and you should cross finish line. Good luck!

Hi. I'm Bernie. Probably you know I'm not skilled driver, and I tend to wreck my car easily. So, this time I'll just review the potential top5 on Caleidoscope. I checked past results with Ferrari from various contest tracks: ZCT31, ACT11, Debrecen and current race on Oroshaza. First two events with Ferrari were organized in autumn. In USC Ferrari is in action in spring. OK, let's see...

  1. Bonzai Joe. He missed podium on ZCT38 only by a few miliseconds. In my oppinion, now Bonzai has many chances to win ZS track after a long pause. I noticed a very strange coincidence: he won tracks for Ferrari where Alain not raced, and was far away from top, when Alain raced. Besides, Alain won both events with GTO he took a part. Conclusion: BJ's first place mostly depends from Alain :)

  2. Akoss Poo. He's constant member on podium this season. But I'm not sure he's ready to win ZCT yet. Althought Akoss comes second with Ferrari, everytime there's an appreciable gap between track winner and him. Conclusion: Akoss Poo should study old replays with GTO and to work hard on every trick.

  3. Gutix. I don't know how good is Gutix with Ferrari (his current Oroshaza result is weak), but I'm sceptic he can win 4th race in a row on ZSC. His team partner Stunts Oracle (earlier known as Alan Rotoi) raced with Ferrari only once on Debrecen (finished 3rd). So, Gutix probably won't receive many help and advices from team, and mostly will race in his own. Conclusion: We should wait an interesting figth for the 3rd place against Gutix and CTG.

  4. CTG. He has a lot of experience but no serious wins with Ferrari. It will be very hard to keep a podium place which he missed only once this year. Conclusion: It seems a guaranteed 4th place, but he will need a luck and many sleepless night-hours to fight for the 3rd place.

  5. Anybody, who's good in controlling skids and turns with GTO, should took the last place in top5. In my opinion, more advantages to be 5th have Krys Toff and Argammon (if he'll race).

As you can notice, first 4 drivers currently is racing on Oroshaza. Probably the final results there and on ZCT39 could be the same. I'm wishing good luck to everyone! And I hope we'll meet after the race ;)

Submitted by Mingva on 2004-05-23.