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The fourth Stunts build

Did you know, that there are officially four Stunts versions released for DOS?

Up to a few weeks ago, the available versions were:

  • Stunts v1.0 (Oct 5 1990) - published by Brøderbund
  • Stunts v1.1 (Feb 12 1991) - Brøderbund
  • 4D Sports Driving v1.1 (Dec 13 1990) - Mindscape

Marco has the final DOS release about this game, so I asked him to upload that version, so that the last DOS release would be preserved. I wrote to him through his YouTube channel when I saw that he had the fourth version, which was unavailable at that time. Marco was so kind to upload this version. It happened in a Facebook conversation, when he said that he would give it to dreadnaut, or otherwise contact him in Facebook. I contacted him about that version, he uploaded it. The files were .IMA, which WinRAR couldn't extract, but 7-Zip could. I was surprised, when I downloaded the file. I did a reupload of that version to my Google Drive account to make this version available on the internet too. So, officially, the fourth version is available since yesterday evening. This release is fully compatible with Stunts v1.1.

This release, 4D Sports Driving v1.1 (Feb 25 1991) (MS) is the the latest one for DOS. Afterwards, there were two more releases:

  • 4D Sports Driving v1.2 (Jan 10 1992) (MS), for the Amiga; and
  • 4D Driving v1.0 (Jan 18 1993) (MS), for the FM Towns.

Whatever, this article is about the latest DOS release, which can now be obtained through the Southern Cross site (download link).

Now, have fun using this version of the game!

Submitted by GTAMan15 on 2019-05-30.