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A Love Story

Once upon a time, in Stunts community, there was happy people.

They lived together, with cool competitions.

Inhabitants of this world were Zak, Roy, Ben,… and Bonzai Joe.

But, one day, just a few months ago, came a band of newcomers: Alan Rotoi, Mingva and… Alain. Problems began when Alain felt in love with Bonzai Joe.

To catch his attention, he started to give him a nickname: Bobo The Clown. But Bonzai Joe (let's call him BJ) ignored him. He has always preferred his own face in a mirror than anyone else. It's just that BJ felt in love with himself since many years now… So Alain insisted. He became more and more aggressive, always for the same goal: catch BJ's attention and showing him how much he is in love with him.

But it only made BJ angry. So fights began between them. On the Forum and on the Chat, they were more and more violent. Alain was happy, BJ started to take care of him… If not for love, at least for hate!

Then Alain had an idea: "if i can beat BJ, for sure he will look at me in another way than hate. He would admire my skills and then, maybe, love me… At last."

So he started to race like a madman in August, and finally made good times just before the end of the competition. Of course, he let BJ think he was behind him and, and, AND… When the results were published, he was before BJ in both races (Z16 and Z+3). Alain really believed that it was sufficient to make BJ change his mind and finally love him. So fool he was!

BJ became really mad at Alain, his anger became huge and now, for sure, Alain has lost his quest for love. He will never be loved by BJ because BJ is so proud of himself that he can't fall in love with anyone who can match him. He just can't. That's too much for his ego.

After this battle, the Stunts world has found back its former quietness. Alain is now so sad that he decided to make a strike in his job. BJ is so furious that he doesn't send replays anymore. And now Zak thinks his site is much too calm.

Hopefully, Alan Rotoi is still here to kick anybody's ass in the comp, but the fighting spirit has left Alain and BJ. I just hope they will find it again soon and send many replays. Alan domination in ZCT comp since 2 months can't be unpunished.

Come on guyz, race hard, send a lot of replays, make war, not love.

Long live Stunts!

Submitted by Krys TOFF on 2002-09-17.