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25 reasons why Stunts is better than women

Here's a little piece of literature for those of you who, like me, screw up with women all the time (mind the "up" part), and have just about given up about it. The rest can go play with their girlfriends. There is no need to worry! Apart from man's best friend, beer, you can just go and play your favourite game instead of wasting time on such a complicated thing as a woman. You may say that Stunts is just not the same, and yes, you are right! It is much better! Here are 25 reasons why Stunts is better than a woman:

  1. In Stunts, it's good if you are fast
  2. The finish line is always just minutes away
  3. Stunts supports replay handling
  4. You can jump over many of the obstacles
  5. You can always turn off your computer
  6. You can open Stunts anytime you like
  7. Your opponents in Stunts suck big time
  8. Computers never get bored
  9. Stunts behaves the same way every day of the month
  10. Stunts is always there for you
  11. If you crash, you can just try again
  12. Stunts is freeware
  13. You can configure the sound in Stunts, so you don't always have to listen to it
  14. Stunts won't get jealous if you play other games
  15. Stunts won't get upset if you just use it for 30 seconds
  16. Stunts won't get tired if you use it for 12 hours straight
  17. Stunts will never leave you for you best friend
  18. If you decide to go grab a beer while you are playing Stunts, the game will still be running when you come back
  19. You can choose which replays to save, and Stunts will only remember those
  20. You can fart and burp while you play Stunts
  21. You can play Stunts with your friends
  22. An icy track is better than an icy woman (even though a dirty track is NOT better than a dirty woman)
  23. Stunts won't mind if you just go round and round in loops
  24. In Stunts, you can use all sorts of cheap tricks without getting into trouble
  25. Stunts immediately understands your input

A masterpiece. Well, some additions: (Zak)
    +1. You can go on the track anywhere you want, but you can`t do go anywhere on women.
    +2. Stunts has a Lamborghini Countach you can use anytime, your girlfriend sure doesn`t.
    +3. Stunts has such kind of bugs and errors, which make you more happy.
And one for women:
    They are much more round, than the hills in stunts.

Submitted by Bonzai Joe on 2002-06-11.