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  • June 22

    Midsummer / Midwinter 2022

    Welcome everyone to the mid-season summary for 2022! Hope I find you well, in these not-so-easy times. Remember fuel is free in the land of Stunts, it’s the best place to go for a drive!

    The sixth race of the year is nearing the end, so it’s a good time to look at the standings and see where we are. Starting at the top we have Alan Rotoi defending his 2021 title. With four victories out of five completed races, plus 7 bonus points, he's already looking at a 10+ point lead on CTG and Duplode. Will they keep it up? Because KyLiE is not far behind, leading a group of followers: the rest of the Doubleplusspeed and Looping Warrior teams, and solo racers Zapper and Heretic.

    In the middle there is also Frieshansen, who holds a strong lead on the Amateur scoreboard, and who has been lining up strong results in every race! He only joined last autumn, but he’s putting a lot of effort in, and the results are glowing! Behind him Heretic, Cas and afullo are all fighting within 10 points, so everything is still open.

    While Alan and Frieshansen top the respective leagues, they are also both part of the same team, Doubleplusspeed. New entry this year, this group is clearly aiming at the team championship, and halfway-in still rocks 100% participation!

    What’s next?

    We have ten days left on ZCT251, and then the first half of the season will be over. After that we have six more races to go, with tons of points still to distribute. Quite a lot can change!

    Let's not focus only on ZakStunts though: there’s an impressive number of other events going on this year, which you should check out if you’d like to race with different rules and cars:

    • Race for Kicks of course, with a new track starting at the beginning of every month.
    • CCC, the Custom Car Championship, offers a completely new format where every race comes with a different set of hand-picked cars. Many are recent creations, and have never been used before in a competition!
    • Live endurance races are going strong this year, with the next event coming up in less than two weeks, on the 3rd of July—don’t miss it.


  • February 15

    Reporting on ZCT246

    ZakStunts 2022 was off to a great start, with a score of racers taking part in a lively ZCT246. The race was largely ran with the Lancia Delta, which proved to be a good fit for the CTG-penned track.

    ZCT246 featured highly engaged teams. Besides the newly founded Doubleplusspeed, there were also racers from Rolling Stunts, Slowdrive and, for the first time in many years, both Cork's Crew and Looping Warriors with their full rosters. Looping Warriors, in particular, was in the thick of the action: Usrin reached a solid fifth place with a beautiful cut through the ice, Akoss Poo pipped Duplode to the third place, and CTG challenged for the victory all the way through. In the end, though, the gold medals went the way of Doubleplusspeed, with the reigning champion Alan Rotoi adding another race victory to his tally through a strong lap and a particularly impressive final sector, and Frieshansen winning the inaugural Amateur League challenge for up-and-coming racers. An auspicious beginning for the team!

    Up next, there is the already running ZCT247. Will it be the first race won by the three new cars of the 2022 set? There's only one way to find out!

    See you all on the scoreboard,


On this day in 2004, while racing on ZCT040, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 3pm Dark Chaser: Melange XGT-88? Is the Acura NSX, alright?
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