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  • June 2

    Feel the heat on the icy track!

    Hello pipsqueaks, how do you feel about a slippery track surrounded by water? This time, you'll have to stick to the road!

    I have just uploaded ZCT215, GTAMan15's track for the next four weeks. There are quite a few cars that could make it to the top, and two ways to reach the finish line. Which one will be the fastest?

    A note before we start: we have a new, recently unearthed build of Stunts around, and don't know exactly which changes it includes. To avoid any replay troubles, remember to race with the version included in the ZakStunts seasonal pack.

    But do try the new version, we need to investigate if there's anything interesting!


  • March 2

    What a start!

    The cars are fast, the tracks are busy, and Season 2019 is off with bang! We are already two-third through the second race, and I have quite a few pieces of news for this column!

    New rules and cars

    First of all, the rules for this season have a small change around the car bonus coefficients. After a deep forum discussion, we decided to bring the car bonuses closer together, and reduce the speed at which they change. It's an experiment to see if we can make finding the right car more uncertain and fun. And from this first two races, it seems to be working!

    The yearly car rotation brings to the track the Ferrari F40, the Ford Ranger (all the rage on ZCT211), and a bunch of Overdrijf's productions: the SuperKart, and the Audi Quattro and BMW M3 from the recently released DTM pack.

    New and old faces

    We have new cars, but also a small pack of recent additions to the scoreboard: Heretic, who joined us at the end of last year, fx_undertaker from Canada, sd4000 from Germany, and Stan 286XT, who plays on original hardware. Hey, there's enough people for a new team there!

    We also saw Marco very high up on the scoreboard! He seems to have conceded the GAR throne, but he's already working hard for the championship. Also Usrin is whizzing around the current track, which means that Looping Warriors has a full roster again. The team championship is going to be hot this year :-)

    Got grip?

    Stick to the road in Cas' OWOOT event, Race 4 Kicks, which is back for the third season. The first track is just out! And trust me, it's a good one, with evil corks and tricky jumps. So go and sign up there as well: the scoreboard is open to both RH and NoRH laps, and Cas is guaranteed to bring you interesting tracks.

    Around the forum

    Come join us for one of our rare Le Stunts events, where we meet on the website chat and take part in endurance races 12 minutes long. It makes for tough, adrenaline-filled driving! We are currently planning the date (and time) for the next one, are you in?

    If you feel like racing now, instead, you could take our Default Challenge, a five-lap test on the DEFAULT track that comes with Stunts. Fast racing against the clock, but mainly yourself—nerves of steel required.

    If instead you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, check the strange Car Cards project that started in the last days. Open your favourite graphics software and send us your experiments!


On this day in 2015, while racing on ZCT169, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 8pm Shoegazing Leo: We don't have any target, but when we'll reach this, we'll double the target.
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