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  • April 10

    It started out as a nice slow Vette race, and what did it become?

    Maxing out can mean a lot of things. Maxing out a season was shown by Ayrton when he won all tracks in the 2008 season. What does maxing out a track mean? Well, I think ZCT176 is a good example for that.

    Take one racer - Renato Biker - beating everyone else and not leaving even a single LTB point to be picked up by others. And take the team of this racer - Yellow Fleas - securing the entire podium for themselves by surprising all others with an unexpected car choice. That's maxing out a track by thinking out of the box. Nice tactics, well played!

    I hope you had your fun with the Indy last year, because thanks to this surprise podium now it is literally off the charts with -48 "bonus" coefficient :)

    Off we go to ZCT177 - guest designer is Dreadnaut, car bonuses were tweaked a bit and judging by the map we are on to some exciting fun this month. Car? Well, I would not bet on the Indy. :) Other than that, feel free to choose anything!

  • February 14

    Suprise season start!

    Headline surprises:

    • Last year's second, Akoss Poo opted out from competing hard in 2016...
    • Three racers competed quietly for the LTB bonuses on ZCT174.
    • Renato Biker and Friker are back with a bag full of tricks.

    And so Yellow Fleas did a comeback, and took the first two positions, leaving others in the dust, Renato first, Friker second. Check out their banked-cork-loop combo. Very nicely done!

    Marco managed to finish third, congrats to all of you! And we have the unusual situation, when the LTB awards go to the third and fourth position only. A sign for a hard season start!

    On we go to ZCT175 - Cloudbusting, by Duplode. Which car to choose? Which way go to? What is real? Gosh, not easy to choose. Take your time.

    Soundtrack for the month is Magic Joe by our friend and hall of legends member, Bonzai Joe. Yes, it's 2016 and Italo disco is back :)

    Lot's of love for Valentine's day! Hug the wheel and stick to the road, but remember to take safety meaures as required. :)

On this day in 2005, while racing on ZCT051, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 4pm alain: best possible winning time: 1:03.XX
  • Zak McKracken: Well I have already mentioned this idea of noRH sub-competition - there wasn't enough interest, or either someone said we can't trust eachother. I'll work on a separate scoreboard, you'll be able to set a "NoRH" checkbox when sending the replay, and then it'll show up in the other scoreboard instead of the main. But no points given/seasons results for noRH. Is it good this way?
  • 6pm alain: YES! (until we trust each other :evil:)
  • 9pm StolenBike: not everyone can be such a "high-flyer" like you alain ;-)). but i'll do my best to get in top ten soon - i think i`ll make it till next week.... :grin:
  • 10pm StolenBike: almost - but i am working on :cheesy:
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