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  • April 12

    Well, apologies for the lack of news lately. Busy times. Anyhow, we have seen some turbulence, an unprecedented disqualification and some heated debates - but life and the race goes on.

    So did ZCT164, designed by Akoss Poo, a true Acura race - and one worth an analyis for sure! A tight finish at the top4! Akoss Poo claimed another victory, slowly establishing a strong claim for becoming a champion this year. Second was Bonzai Joe -yet another comeback from the golden era racer - with an effort a bit short to win the track. Not much behind finished fellow teammate Duplode, and the master of DOS games, Marco just skipped off the podium with a few milliseconds behind Duplode.

    And if we scroll the scoreboard a bit further down, there is still a lot to see... 16 racers, wow, wow! Excellent, guys, keep up the good work!

    On to ZCT165 - another guest track, this time from Shoegazing Leo, the manager of the recently revived (and very good) Stunts LOL Classics championship. The track was inspired by an unfortunate life event - a finger injured by the sting of a bee.

    Geez, I hope that is the biggest injury we will see o this track. I see quite some ice, drive careful. And also choose your car careflly, Leo messed up the coefficients quite a bit.

    Whatever happens, enjoy!

  • April 10

    Whoopsie, sorry, I was busy tuning my Indy so I can someday beat Skid. Hence no news updates. ZCT164 went by like a summer storm. You still got time to join, pipsqueak!

On this day in 2005, while racing on ZCT050, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 2am SergioBaro: Penalizaci?n salvada! Saludos !!!
  • 9pm alain: i dont drink alcohol, i dont smoke buzzes... i get on my bike and ride. You are slow CTG.
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