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  • July 30

    Well, hello hello! It's your fellow pipsqueak, Zak here :)

    Not counting ZCT200 I have not been around for almost a year. I am so happy for dreadnaut doing such a great job and all of you keeping the Stunts spirit alive! I promise to be back more often / more regularly, now that our new house is finally done and occupied :) Still busy with plenty of stuff but I do miss you guys and miss Stunts too. The break did well :)

    So I came back to do a site update (what a wonderfully smooth and easy job it has became since what it was 15-18 years ago... wow! and did mess up of course - ZCT205 was designed by dreadnaut not Duplode. ~~I don't have my SQL pass at hand so I let him correct it later :)~~ I did realize we even have an edit button for newsposts - amazing!b

    Duplode on the other hand (and not dreadnaut :)) did win ZCT204 along with a confident +2 LTB! Seems he is shooting again for a championship title? Can anyone stop him? Anyhow, an amazing jump from one elevated road to the other, pleasure to the eyes of any Stunts racer. Seeker1982 finished second, driving the Ranger and dreadnaut finished third. Nice job all!

    Happy to see some oldies and newbies on the scoreboard alike. Beneit from the winter in the southern hemisphere and break away from the heat in the summer of the northern hemisphere, and hit the gas on ZCT205. It seems to be promising a lot of fun, so I may join as well. Enjoy!


  • July 24

    Half-way there

    It's July, and we have turned the mid-season corner. It's summer in the northern hemisphere, with many racers on holiday, or just lazy :)

    The race on ZCT204 is almost over, but with only 4 days left we still don't know which car will be on the podium. Is it the Ford Ranger with a huge 41% bonus, or the Porsche 962 which can exploit a small dual-switch trick?

    Duplode seems confident in the lead, and has set aside more than 400 hours of leading time. Seeker1982 is just back from sailing, and in second place might be just warming up. Should we expect quiet replays?

    Alas, I will not know until later! I'll be travelling for a couple of weeks from this Friday, so probably offline until mid-August. But the next track is ready, and Zak will be around and kindly take care of you, and your replays!

    Now back to ZCT204, there is still time to improve that lap!

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On this day in 2006, while racing on ZCT066, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 4pm DieselJoe: Happy birthday to everyone I could not congratulate during the last 11 days!
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