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  • June 5

    June catch-up

    Previously on these pages

    ZCT201 came and went without much drama. It was a nice and fast track by Cas, but with the Skyline at the top of the bonus ranking with a huge 43%, the race didn't fire up with exciting speed. I know it's past time, but you should give it a try with faster cars (IMSA!) to appreaciate Cas' trackmanship :)

    Dual way madness

    The month of relaxed driving was suddenly interrupted by ZCT202. The track was designed by GTAMan15, one of our newest pipsqueaks. It featured a pair of interwined paths, and some water that yours truly added to reduce chances of dual-way switching. I clearly failed.

    I took less than 24 hours for the first DWS replays to appear, with Afullo, Cas, Leo, Seeker1982 and GTAMan15 himself battling for the first position, shaving second after second with tighter and tighter trajectories.

    The thing is, dual-way switching usually leads to boring races. But on this track there were just enough features to keep the path interesting. At the same time, there was also a lot of traffic on the clean way: one of the largest GAR races, including Marco recovering form injury!

    Now, this would be enough for a good race, closing with FinRok in comfortable lead of about a second, followed by "last-minute" Duplode and a relaxed Seeker1982. But ZCT202 wanted to be spectacular! And from the box of the Quiet Replays pops out Alan Rotoi, who jumps in first position 7 seconds ahead of FinRok, travelling on a completely different path. A path that inches over the water between the two dual-ways, confusing Stunts to a point that Alan can dual-switch while staying on the same path.

    You might feel smart exploiting a bug to cut the track, but Alan can find the bug in the bug, and leave everyone else dumbfounded.

    Back to normal?

    Of course not. We now have to drive on ZCT203, a pipe dream designed by Leo. I've only driven a lap at this point, but it seems to follow his signature slow-fast-slow pattern, and looks fun!

    So grab the track, choose your favourite car and send us a lap!


  • April 16

    After 200

    ZCT200 was named "Westwood"1, but it should be called The Track of Many Surprises:

    • first, it was designed by Kevin Pickell himself, who kindly helped us celebrate this ZakStunts milestone. Thanks go to Duplode for contacting him and bringing back the track on time!
    • second, it was all about clean and fast cornering, no complicated tricks: some would call it a GAR paradise. And indeed Seeker1982 showed us some impressive times, and missed the main competition podium for only 0.30s!
    • and last (but in a way also first) CTG, sneaking in through the side door and taking the top spot on the scoreboard with a public replay.

    Now, some of you might remember CTG being banned from the competition just about three years ago, so I suppose this surprise might be a bit bitter. However, looking at ZCT200 as a moment of celebration for long years on these pages, we decided not to delete his replay, but allow him back on the scoreboard. The forum account is still suspended, and will be for a bit longer.

    New beginnings are a thing, I like to think, so welcome back CTG!

    But also welcome back to FinRok, taking the second place with a strong result on his first race of the season. To Alan Rotoi and Zak, who finally appeared on the scoreboard, and to Bonzai Joe and JTK, who are always lurking on the forums.

    Coming up next

    And that's two hundreds tracks done, it was easy! It only takes a lot of time, and a lot of care... and Zak McKracken :)

    Now, we'll take the rest one track at a time, and we start with ZCT201: No Kidding by Cas, master of the fast and dangerous tricks.


    1. Westwood is a track near where Pickell grew up, closed in 1990. No relation with the release date of Stunts! 

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  • 11pm Krys TOFF: 1st try
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