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  • February 22

    Sorry for the late update, the winter flu has got to me...

    We started the season with a good news and sad news.

    Sad news: Our beloved Anelio, a.k.a. Aburaf, a key member of our community has passed away in January. We miss him dearly. ZCT187 and ZCT188 will be both guest tracks in honor of Aburaf.

    Good news: We had an amazing race on ZCT186. Several newcomers joined us (Hello dosbox92, MOE and Imperas!) we had a comeback from Friker, landing on the second place, and could elect a new race winner so shortly after Marco has entered the hall of fame in the same way: Congratulations FinRok for winning your first ZakStunts race! A tough battle with Friker, and a well deserved victory entering an elite club! Oh and by the way Duplode finished on the third place :)

    Over to ZCT187: As mentioned above, it is a track in honor of Aburaf, created by fellow teammate and friend Alan Rotoi. Even if you do not expect to join the entire season, give this track a shot for Anelio.

  • January 18

    HEY, HO, LET'S GO!!!

    Some well-deserved puns received whether the 2017 season will still start in 2017. Point taken, your humble competition manager is getting more lazy busy, hence the delay. And I have to admit, after 17 years, starting a new season is painful - even if it only takes about an hour thanks to dreadnaut's superb site improvements. :)

    But hey, here we are and hope you'll stay with us in this season as well. Speaking about seasons, let's officially close the 16th ZakStunts season:

    On the third place of the podium: Marco, our own Professional DOS Gamer, and now undoubtedly a Professional Stunts Racer, who won the last four races in a row! Even though Marco has announced his retirement, I hope he will stay with us, even if dedicating less time on races - well Marco, you see, there is life after 80 (83! :))

    On the second place of the podium: Duplode, showing steady performance throughout the entire season, but lacking that extra something that a racer needs to become a champion. Being a four-time champion himself, Duplode surely knows what I'm talking about - well, anyhow, a second place is a place many envy, so huge congrats to Duplode as well!

    And the winner of ZakStunts 2016: Renato Biker - securing his third title, crowning his 10 year anniversary playing at ZakStunts. 14 LTB points and 6 race victories during the season -no doubt Renato earned the title and he also earned the luxury the be a bit less active in the last few months of the season. Renato, it is my honor to give you the champion's cup!

    Honorable mentions:

    • FinRok, our best newbie this year, who started his first season finishing on the fourth place. Beware old dogs, I see a strong contender for the 2017 title!

    • AbuRaf70, being with us every single month again (I checked, Abu is racing with us since 2005 and he only skipped 3 months during these 11 seasons!) Abu, I wish you can still race with us for a long time, and believe me I am completely honest when I say, that you are one of the key reasons I keep the competition alive after all these years!

    • Shoegazing Leo, also racing with us every month in 2016 (and 2015 as well) keeping the forum and the community alive. Thanks Leo!

    • dreadnaut who helps me keep the site alive, and contemporarily, backs me from the shadows, making my life so much easier. And he raced on all tracks in 2016! :)

    • afullo for racing with us every month with some promising results. It's a tough way to the middle class, but you'll be there soon! Thanks for keeping up!

    • Cas, who dedicates his time developing utilities for a 27 year old computer game. And an aspiring racer as well. Thanks, Cas!

    Team winner: Yellow Fleas. Without a doubt. Congrats, guys!

    So on we go to 2017, we started with a delay, so let's start it fast - a fast track and more than four weeks to experiment with it. It's the best time of the year to advertise the competition a bit - so do not hesitate to reach out to your friends and some old racers, perhaps they care to join.

    All I can with you is a lots of fun - and hope I'll be a worthy manager for this awesome community.


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