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  • September 25

    It's a rare event that someone "new" wins a ZakStunts race. In this case this took three years and nine months. And it took Marco 21 consecutive races to get to the top. He won with clean jumps and clean lines - just as you would expect from Marco. Huge congratulations! Oh and he also secured the +2 LTB to make this a perfect month. Well done Marco!

    Duplode and Renato were battling for the title the entire year - this month Duplode won (barely) - but the title seems to belong to Renato. There's still an open battle for the third place (though Friker seems to be absent lately) and a heavy fight for the 4-8 places - check out the seasonal scores!

    We continue with two guest tracks before the season final - first by Cas, master of track designing tools, well let's see how good is he in track design :)

  • August 3

    Hi Guys,

    too much happening in real life recently, sorry for the delay again! The new track is out in any case - I have chosen CTRACK18 from Kalpen's competition. A nice slow track, should be suitable for the normal championship and GAR as well.

    Congrats for the winners, Renato did an amazing job and nice to see a lively GAR race as well! Hope to spend a bit more time with you this month.

On this day in 2005, while racing on ZCT056, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 2pm CTG: Have I already said that I finished racing on Z55? :cheesy: My computer is bad and the missing part will come in two weeks. (translation: CTG will play somewhere else and wins Z56 :tongue:)
  • 6pm DieselJoe: I guess EVERYBODY finished racing on Z55! ;P
  • alain: i think there is a god after all. isn't it? :smiley: AH AH AH crawl in hell CTG
  • 9pm Bonzai Joe: Nope, there isnt...
  • 10pm CTG: DJ's brain was the fastest, congrats. :smiley:
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