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  • August 27

    August catch-up

    Hello pipsqueaks, long time no see! Updates have been a bit rare, sorry about that, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about the smell of burnt rubber.

    August is coming to an end, and we have reached two-thirds of the season: eight tracks on the scoreboard, four left to race on. The season has been varied if not a bit odd. We had ice in June, a tangle of roads in July, and a deceiving track in August: it looked quite flat, but the winning replays show cars flying in every direction!

    Pacific Coast Bouncyway

    The podium for ZCT217 sees Duplode and Marco on the top steps with the Audi Quattro. Both brought to the track a full back of magic carpets, and used them without shame. Have a look at their replays! They also collected almost all the LTB hour between them, meaning an extra three points in total. In third place a more conservative lap by Overdrijf, driving one of his creations, the BMW M3.

    An interesting mix of Audi and BMW fills the rest of the scoreboard: it seems that the new bonus updates are keeping multiple cars in the sweet spot, giving racers more options.

    Returning at the driving seat are also satanziege, and dosbox92. Welcome back, nice to see you around! Join us for the next race too, and let us know how life is going in the shoutbox, or on the forum :)

    The temperature is rising

    Let's zoom out and look at the season standings now! The team line-up shows the Duplode-Overdrijf pair racking up all the points in the mid-season. Cork's Crew is looking strong for the Team Cup, but Rolling Stunts is not too far behind—mainly thanks to the serious effort Seeker1982 is putting up 😛

    Slowdrive members are always on the track with good results too, which means they are also fighting for the second step of the podium. In fourth place, Looping Warriors seem to have been busy. Hope we'll see more of Akoss and CTG in the final races of 2019!

    Now to the main championship! After taking a break in 2018, Marco is back with a vengeance 😱 During this season, he has never stepped off the podium, and he leads now with 101 points, 23 points ahead of... the Duplode-Overdrijf team, both at 78 points, with what is almost the same set of results, albeit shuffled.

    Now, Marco's advantage is likely to decrease as we reach the end of the season, and the three worst results are discarded, but his lead is still impressive! With four races left, do we start whispering about a new champion? Do we dare?

    Four to go

    As we wait for the next track—sorry for the delay!—I'll take the chance to remind you that article and post contributions are always welcome. If anything Stunts-related that comes to your mind, and you want to share it, write it down and let us know!

    Now have fun on the next track, and always fasten your seatbelt!


  • June 2

    Feel the heat on the icy track!

    Hello pipsqueaks, how do you feel about a slippery track surrounded by water? This time, you'll have to stick to the road!

    I have just uploaded ZCT215, GTAMan15's track for the next four weeks. There are quite a few cars that could make it to the top, and two ways to reach the finish line. Which one will be the fastest?

    A note before we start: we have a new, recently unearthed build of Stunts around, and don't know exactly which changes it includes. To avoid any replay troubles, remember to race with the version included in the ZakStunts seasonal pack.

    But do try the new version, we need to investigate if there's anything interesting!


On this day in 2014, while racing on ZCT161, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 8am Böllér Jani: For the sake of completeness...
  • Rokker Zsolti: Consider these replays as a goodbye message from the Agro Motosport. It was a pleasure to play together.
  • 2pm Alan Rotoi: No! Why you leave?
  • 6pm CTG: Maybe they don't want to burn out, like some oldies. :cheesy:
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