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Lise and The Stig have birthday today. Congratulations!

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  • January 18

    Well, hello!

    Apologies for the lack of news lately, changing the country you live in is demaning even if you move back to a country you know very well. ZakStunts was down the priority list for a while.

    But not forgotten! And neither are you - so first, let's congratulate to the winners of 2014:

    • CTG joined to exclusive club of double champions with 120 points with stable performance throughout the season. Well done!

    • Second place: Akoss Poo! Participating on all races and increasing his race victories from one to three. 105 points. What a comeback! Congratulations, Akoss!

    • Third place: Duplode, 95 points, with a missed season finish due to some community arguments. Nevertheless, nice job!

    And the team title goes of course to Looping Warriors, with a huge margin over others.

    Thank you all and now let's start the 2015 season! Quite a few changes - see the next newspost for details.

  • January 18

    The site management team is proudly announcing the 15th ZakStunts season!

    Stunts is turning 25 this year. What an oldie. :) We hope to see many racers this year - oldies and newbies as well. In order to keep things interesting, we are shaking up things a bit. Let's see how:

    • 3 custom cars were rotated. Way say a sad goodbye to the Lotus, the McLaren and the GT3. Say hello to our old friend, the Speedgate and two newcomers: the Porsche 911 Turbo and th Xylocaine XF. Hope you will like them! If you don't have these cars installed, you ca fetch the car pack on the Downloads page

    • Partially due to the late season start the track duration interval was cut to four weeks (28 days). Each track will finish on a Saturday, hopefully enabling harder battles during the last few days

    • A huge change: replays sent during the first two weeks of each track are made publicly available for download. This radical new rule was made to encourage more drivers to aim for the podium. Surely you can hide your cards or ignore the fun early days of the track experimenting with cars - and likely lose the chance to win the leading time bonus.

    • We also had a not so sad goodbye from the controversial Endurance Bonus. So now you can only earn points either by racing hard, or through earning leading time.

    • Some other minor rules were also modified. Please make sure to go through the Rules page at least once to make sure you do not miss anything.

    About that's it in a nutshell. ZCT162 - Homecoming is out and available. Who dares to send the first official public replay in the history of ZakStunts? Oh and please help spread the word - let's bring as many racers here as possible.

    See you soon on the scoreboard

On this day in 2008, while racing on ZCT080, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 4am Chulk: Yes, Duplode's right. Send to scoreboard box was checked I think. Here it goes again, hidden voluntary this time...
  • 2pm Duplode: ...or not! :-)
  • 7pm Zak McKracken: newstest
  • 8pm CTG: Special character test: BÖFF!!!
  • 9pm Krys TOFF: Happy birthday Lise.
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