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  • January 18

    HEY, HO, LET'S GO!!!

    Some well-deserved puns received whether the 2017 season will still start in 2017. Point taken, your humble competition manager is getting more lazy busy, hence the delay. And I have to admit, after 17 years, starting a new season is painful - even if it only takes about an hour thanks to dreadnaut's superb site improvements. :)

    But hey, here we are and hope you'll stay with us in this season as well. Speaking about seasons, let's officially close the 16th ZakStunts season:

    On the third place of the podium: Marco, our own Professional DOS Gamer, and now undoubtedly a Professional Stunts Racer, who won the last four races in a row! Even though Marco has announced his retirement, I hope he will stay with us, even if dedicating less time on races - well Marco, you see, there is life after 80 (83! :))

    On the second place of the podium: Duplode, showing steady performance throughout the entire season, but lacking that extra something that a racer needs to become a champion. Being a four-time champion himself, Duplode surely knows what I'm talking about - well, anyhow, a second place is a place many envy, so huge congrats to Duplode as well!

    And the winner of ZakStunts 2016: Renato Biker - securing his third title, crowning his 10 year anniversary playing at ZakStunts. 14 LTB points and 6 race victories during the season -no doubt Renato earned the title and he also earned the luxury the be a bit less active in the last few months of the season. Renato, it is my honor to give you the champion's cup!

    Honorable mentions:

    • FinRok, our best newbie this year, who started his first season finishing on the fourth place. Beware old dogs, I see a strong contender for the 2017 title!

    • AbuRaf70, being with us every single month again (I checked, Abu is racing with us since 2005 and he only skipped 3 months during these 11 seasons!) Abu, I wish you can still race with us for a long time, and believe me I am completely honest when I say, that you are one of the key reasons I keep the competition alive after all these years!

    • Shoegazing Leo, also racing with us every month in 2016 (and 2015 as well) keeping the forum and the community alive. Thanks Leo!

    • dreadnaut who helps me keep the site alive, and contemporarily, backs me from the shadows, making my life so much easier. And he raced on all tracks in 2016! :)

    • afullo for racing with us every month with some promising results. It's a tough way to the middle class, but you'll be there soon! Thanks for keeping up!

    • Cas, who dedicates his time developing utilities for a 27 year old computer game. And an aspiring racer as well. Thanks, Cas!

    Team winner: Yellow Fleas. Without a doubt. Congrats, guys!

    So on we go to 2017, we started with a delay, so let's start it fast - a fast track and more than four weeks to experiment with it. It's the best time of the year to advertise the competition a bit - so do not hesitate to reach out to your friends and some old racers, perhaps they care to join.

    All I can with you is a lots of fun - and hope I'll be a worthy manager for this awesome community.


  • December 2

    The season is near its end - and I am sorry for the two weeks delay launching the last track. Just too much going on lately. On ZCT184 Marco was on fire again smoking the competition. Renato being absent, Duplode secured a strong second place and FinRok finished third - with a nice extra of +2LTB congrats! The seasonal standings seem quite stable for the podium of the season, but its not the time for announcements - that will come later.

    I wanted to compensate you a bit for the delay so took the efforts to design a map-based tracks - since it is almost exactly two years since we moved back from Shanghai, I took Shanghai downtown as my source map. So expect lots of high rises, (well, blocks of flats :)) and elevated highways. I'll spare you the traffic. :) Head down Nanpu bridge, make your cruise around Puxi, pass by People's Park and race down Century Avenue to Century Park, and my former home.

    Do I miss it? Sometimes. but its good to be home :) Very exciting things coming up for 2017, but ZakStunts will be here for you. So, enjoy the last race of 2016!

On this day in 2004, while racing on ZCT034, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 7am Stunts Oracle: This is my destiny...
  • 2pm Akoss Poo: I can't catch top times. Sending rpl to beat Alan Rotoi...
  • 4pm Stunts Oracle: Stunts Oracle is racing, he isn't a top driver.
  • 10pm Krys TOFF: This one is just to be one of the guys below 56 seconds :grin:
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