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JTK and testerlnx have birthday today. Congratulations!

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  • June 28

    Reporting on ZCT227

    From the outset, it was clear that Cas' ZCT227 would be dominated by powergear cars, and decided on its very powergear unfriendly final sector. CTG solved it in style, with a specialty high-flying Acura helicopter cut. His lap proved unassailable, even with the rest of the field having oodles of time to react. The closest racer on the same car was Duplode, two places and 4.55 s behind. Splitting them was Seeker1982, with a strong Ferrari GTO lap. The Acuras of dreadnaut and Overdrijf completed the top five.

    Seeker1982 remains firmly in control of the GAR challenge, this time having conjured a staggeringly precise GTO lap in what was a challenging combination of car, track and rules.

    The checkered flag of ZCT227 brings us to the halfway point of the season with no clear leader in the yearly scoreboard. In the team standings, Rolling Stunts had the upper hand on Cork's Crew, narrowing the gap to the top spot.

    As the season approaches its business end, a number of unknowns awaits the pipsqueaks who will tackle ZCT228, one of them being the car choice. While it is quite possible the Vette will hold on as a viable powergear car, there are plenty of other options with high bonuses waiting around the corner. Much will depend on what afullo will devise for the new round. Let's see what July will bring!


  • June 1

    Reporting on ZCT226

    We have just witnessed the end of an epic battle between the F40 and the P962 or Seeker vs. Duplode!

    The big question loomed: would Seeker make a second major victory? Or would Duplode prevail as he has done time and time again this season? Ultimately it was Duplode's very skilled lap in the F40 that stole the show on the last day, including a perfectly executed loop trick!

    As usual, our other highly skilled pipsqueaks Overdrijf, CTG and Dreadnaut followed up the top 5. Cork's Crew continues its winning streak in the team competition, slowly widening the gap with Rolling Stunts and the other teams.

    Also witnessed a great display of GAR laps, with the Trueno a clear favourite (congrats Seeker!) and the welcome return of Marco.

    It pleased me to see such enthusiasm and skill used on my very own track designed around my home country! Now we move on to the Jungle. Gentlemen, start your engines!


On this day in 2006, while racing on ZCT066, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 3pm Bonzai Joe: A very happy birthday to the best track designer, JTK!
  • AbuRaf70: Happy Birthday, JTK and Jimbo...!!!
  • 4pm CTG: You don't have to worry, BJ! :cheesy:
  • SuperBrian: A very happy birthday to the owner of the site which introduced me to Stunts on the web, JTK. And happy birthday to Jimbo too..
  • 11pm JTK: Thanks everyone!!! :smiley:
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