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  • January 16

    The 2016 ZakStunts season is now officially started!

    Rules do not change compared to 2015. We will have twelve tracks with 4-week intervals ending always on a Saturday and starting - hopefully :) - on Sunday.

    The cars were somewhat reshuffled - we say a not so sad goodbye to the Speedgate and the Xylocaine, and welcome again the Nissan Skyline and the Lotus Esprit Turbo (yay!)

    The battle in 2015 was very exciting and fun to participate and watch. Let's aim to keep up the same -or higher- level of activity in 2016 as well.

    The first track is called Leapyear - a track where you will not have any issues identifying where you stand on the map. Just memorize: 2-0-1-6. Easy. Enjoy! :)

  • January 11

    Let's make it next weekend. Apologies!

On this day in 2013, while racing on ZCT139, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 9am CTG: (or not)
  • 1pm Duplode: Good to see you are back to your horrible winning time predictions, CTG.
  • Duplode: (the longest imaginable PG stretch in your scenario is ~80 tiles, which would take about 45.6s at 245mph, and that without counting airtime and slides...)
  • 4pm Friker: the track has 95 tiles with the shorter second line. and your prediction Duplode? :smiley:
  • 5pm Duplode: That is a thought experiment, not a prediction :wink:
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