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  • May 8

    To be perfectly honest, I lost a bear here. How did three Vette's appear on the top of the scoreboard? Last time I checked it was full of Acuras. You surely need to pay attention these days! Well, anyhow congrats to Renato who again managed to surprise everyone! Nice job Duplode and Friker as well acting quickly.

    I am happy to see the movement on NoRH and Gentleman's Agreement - lets establish required rules quickly and have even more fun. If this a long-term move (and I hope it is) Perhaps the most important constraint will be that tracks need to be more simple to support having fun with NoRH. Not to speak about dual- and multi-way tracks.

    So time to pick up a retro track. ZCT178 will be ZCT078: Brain work -> Workbrain. Let's see how we can combine NoRH with a challenging multi-way track.

    Do you still remember the right way? Does it work with the current car coefficients? Well, it seems your brain must work a bit to be successful on this track. Let's see what this month brings :)

  • April 10

    It started out as a nice slow Vette race, and what did it become?

    Maxing out can mean a lot of things. Maxing out a season was shown by Ayrton when he won all tracks in the 2008 season. What does maxing out a track mean? Well, I think ZCT176 is a good example for that.

    Take one racer - Renato Biker - beating everyone else and not leaving even a single LTB point to be picked up by others. And take the team of this racer - Yellow Fleas - securing the entire podium for themselves by surprising all others with an unexpected car choice. That's maxing out a track by thinking out of the box. Nice tactics, well played!

    I hope you had your fun with the Indy last year, because thanks to this surprise podium now it is literally off the charts with -48 "bonus" coefficient :)

    Off we go to ZCT177 - guest designer is Dreadnaut, car bonuses were tweaked a bit and judging by the map we are on to some exciting fun this month. Car? Well, I would not bet on the Indy. :) Other than that, feel free to choose anything!

On this day in 2010, while racing on ZCT107, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 7pm CTG: so this is ABU Dhabi :cheesy:
  • 9pm Gutix: Maybe is John Locke
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