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  • June 10

    Reporting on ZCT238

    For the month of May, we had Symbolic Link by Cas, a track that was also run in parallel on Race For Kicks. With two unique tournaments though, things played out quite a bit differently over here at ZakStunts.

    First to hit the tarmac was Ryoma in the Ferrari GTO. A few hours later, Akoss Poo took first place with an impressive power gear lap in the Porsche March Indy. At that point, it seemed as though that might be the winning car for this track. However, another few hours passed and I took first place in the Lamborghini Countach with a lead of 7.35 seconds!

    This seemed to set the trend and it wasn't long before Alan Rotoi would take first place and eventually go on to win the race, accumulating a massive 542 leading hours! Duplode placed second followed by Akoss Poo in third place. Congratulations guys! Special mention must go to Ryoma for securing 6th place in only his second race. Well done! This race also sees the return of AMG and satanziege, whose last races were over a year ago. Welcome back!

    Even though the Countach ended up being the winning car, the BMW M3 E30 DTM ended up securing 7 places on the scoreboard, hinting that there was more than one competitive car for this track. This was confirmed in the GAR competition. Due to the nature of the Countach and strictness of the GAR competition, completing a successful lap in this car was a difficult task. However, Zapper managed to do just that and ended up in first place with a 4.65 second lead! Duplode placed second and KaoS placed third, both in the BMW.

    I really enjoyed this track in both competitions and I'm looking forward to what the rest of the racing season brings!


  • March 10

    Reporting on ZCT235

    You're driving through the desert, engine roaring and sun blazing. All of a sudden, your oil pressure drops to zero and you notice a cloud of smoke in your rear view mirror. You stop to inspect your engine and just as you had feared, there is oil everywhere. Has Bernie finally gotten his revenge for all those years of torment? In any case, you grab your cigarettes and get to walking.

    Hours go by as the sun beats down on you. You start to feel light headed and your vision starts to blur. As you stagger to the top of a hill, you see what looks like a lake surrounded by a race track in the valley below. As you make your way towards the track, a man comes running up to you and hands you a bottle of water. "Mr Vicious!" he says, "We're so glad you could make it! We've got the Lotus ready to roll and everyone is waiting for you to set the lap record." You take a drink and as you start to feel yourself coming back to your senses, you remember who you are, so you reply "Shut up and give me the keys!"

    So, Mirror Lake, my first ZakStunts track. Was it a success? Well, I think so! Initially there was a bit of uncertainty but I think most people enjoyed the challenge of perfecting their racing lines. The mighty Zak himself even chimed in with his tick of approval.

    dreadnaut took an early lead, but less than an hour later, CTG shot to the top of the scoreboard and stayed there for the remainder of the race! Duplode secured second place followed by Alan Rotoi in third place, both with replays posted in the last two days of the race. Special mention must go to Overdrijf and myself for coming within one second of the podium. Also worth mentioning is GTAMan15 for his impressive effort, managing to improve his time by 16 seconds throughout the race, submitting a total of 28 replays!

    We also welcome Cool Gaddafi from Scotland and ZdnBurns from Brazil to the competition. I hope you enjoyed your first ZakStunts race and we look forward to seeing your names on the scoreboard for many races to come. There has been quite a lot of activity in the newbie league recently!

    Moving on to the GAR competition, veteran racer Marco placed first, followed by myself in second place, and Zapper in third place. As it has been mentioned before, the GAR competition requires a huge amount of determination and patience, so I congratulate everyone who participated. Lastly, I wanted to shout out to Cas for being the only one to hold out with the Melange XGT-88 in the GAR competition!

    In closing, I hope everyone enjoyed this race and I would like to thank everyone who participated. I look forward to seeing you on the tarmac again soon!


On this day in 2008, while racing on ZCT087, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 4am Duplode: Following BJ's comment a while ago, typical experience #2: you look at the scoreboard early in the day, and sees (say) CTG taking the lead and thinks "well, I've rested for long enough, time to hunt another second and attack a bit". Then you return later in the night and Ayrton is two seconds below the time you aimed originally...
  • 9am CTG: So why to hide anymore?
  • 2pm Bonzai Joe: After my next Zakstunts victory, I'm going to send replays all the time and never hide. It's going to be fun.
  • 3pm CTG: Great! :cheesy:
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