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  • August 28

    Reporting on ZCT229

    Exciting times at ZakStunts! Leo's track for August, hidden in dense forest, has seen the highest participation for this year, and an intense battle for the lead. Actually, two battles!

    After the initial uncertainty—is it a Carrera track? IMSA maybe?—the Lancia Delta took the lead on the scoreboard, with Heretic, Seeker1982, then CTG and Marco vying for the top step of the podium. But soon after the end of the public days, out of nowhere, FinRok appeared and put a full stop to this part of the race, leaving Marco 4 seconds behind. His result would remain unchallenged for the rest of the race, giving him the victory and 230h of leading time.

    However by the time FinRok posted his result, the battle (and the drama!) had already moved to the GAR competition, which puts strict limits on the driving style, and only accepts laps driven without interruption. The competition between Seeker1982 (current GAR champion) and Marco (proud Lancia expert) heated up with concerns about cheating. Duplode jumped in with a few strong laps, and Seeker sealed his result shaving off another two seconds from his time. All this back and forth brought along a bunch of racers on the GAR scoreboard! Unbelievable effort from everyone: NoRH driving requires skill, effort, and a lot of patience.

    As mentioned above, the race closed with FinRok in the lead. Behind him Duplode, and Marco. Alan Rotoi picked up the sixth place with a strong result, followed by Stringray86 and Heretic (two thirds of Traction Faction), Overdrjif, and the rest of Rolling Stunts, who are still lagging behind Cork's Crew on the teams scoreboard.

    ZCT229 also sees two new entries on the tarmac: we welcome KyLiE from down under, and Straycat from Hungary! 🎉 Extra surprise, Zak himself reappeared after two years away from the races, enticed by Marco's live streaming sessions. Hi Zak, we missed you! 🥰

    Yes, all this in only four weeks. Where are we then, with August coming to its end in a couple of days? There are four races left in the season, and Duplode holds the lead several points ahead of Seeker1982... but not that many! Seeker has collected a good number of LTB points, which can balance his weaker results. And because the three lowest scores of the season are ignored in the final sum, these LTB points could be really important to decide the championship.


  • June 28

    Reporting on ZCT227

    From the outset, it was clear that Cas' ZCT227 would be dominated by powergear cars, and decided on its very powergear unfriendly final sector. CTG solved it in style, with a specialty high-flying Acura helicopter cut. His lap proved unassailable, even with the rest of the field having oodles of time to react. The closest racer on the same car was Duplode, two places and 4.55 s behind. Splitting them was Seeker1982, with a strong Ferrari GTO lap. The Acuras of dreadnaut and Overdrijf completed the top five.

    Seeker1982 remains firmly in control of the GAR challenge, this time having conjured a staggeringly precise GTO lap in what was a challenging combination of car, track and rules.

    The checkered flag of ZCT227 brings us to the halfway point of the season with no clear leader in the yearly scoreboard. In the team standings, Rolling Stunts had the upper hand on Cork's Crew, narrowing the gap to the top spot.

    As the season approaches its business end, a number of unknowns awaits the pipsqueaks who will tackle ZCT228, one of them being the car choice. While it is quite possible the Vette will hold on as a viable powergear car, there are plenty of other options with high bonuses waiting around the corner. Much will depend on what afullo will devise for the new round. Let's see what July will bring!


On this day in 2009, while racing on ZCT100, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 1am SuperBrian: Cheers!! & BöööööööööööFFF
  • 3am Ayrton: No more bullets ...
  • 9am Zak McKracken: ZCT101 95% done :smiley:
  • 12pm Alan Rotoi: Zak: Gutix is a MeganiuM Team member... :smiley:
  • Zak McKracken: I know, but current regulations allow 4 racers per team
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