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  • October 18

    Second last, driving fast!

    October is here, and the end of the 2021 season is closing in. It's been a busy mid-year, let's see where we are!

    The scoreboard

    With Looping Warriors taking a step back from the competition after spring, we've have seen an impressive fight between Alan Rotoi, clawing for every leading-time hour under the sun, and Duplode, the current ZakStunts champion, racing somehow defensively. The result, with two tracks left in play, is Alan leading by 18 points, buoyed by eleven LTB points—an extra race by themselves. Is math on his side, and his position unassailable?

    Further down the table we find another duo: KyLiE and Overdrijf are racing for the third position. There's a few points between them, but drop the worst three results and everything is still on the table. Will KyLiE manage is 5-point lead, or will Overdrijf overtake him in this last two months?

    Closing the top-6 is Zapper: a hero for many as the designer of the Ferrari F40 and the early tuned cars, this year he decided to join us and burn some rubber on the tarmac. And what a season!

    Looking instead at the Newbie championship, we have KyLiE and Zapper in the lead. But the real competition is happening behind them, between Igor and Ryoma, Daniel3D and Frieshansen. Low participation in the past months makes things a bit uncertain, but we'll see how these last two tracks develop.

    The format

    End of season is always a moment of retrospection, and plans for next year. Right now we are discussing possible rule changes for 2022, and all feedback is welcome!

    We are also trialling a new Amateur competition to replace the "Newbie" one, with slightly different criteria. Too early to have any results, but I'm looking forward to seeing it in full action next year.

    Lastly, we bid (temporary?) farewell to the Permanent Competition. Started in 2002, it included the original Stunts tracks, plus a "closed" version surrounded by water. Participation stopped about a decade ago, and no old replays are available, so it now belongs to the archives.

    Anyway, two tracks left! Go download Daniel3D's Crazy Eight, and send us your lap. Fast, slow, entirely in first gear? we want to see it!


  • September 21

    Amateur scoreboard

    The ZakStunts Newbie League has existed in its current format since the 2009 season. That's a pretty long stretch of time, and lately there has been discussion on whether it was actually helping to encourage newcomers to race. Aiming at a more engaging side competition, we will try out a new format. Here's how it will work:

    • Participation is voluntary: if you are a beginner, are learning the ropes, or just feel like racing casually, mark the Amateur competition checkmark in the replay submission page, and the replay will be added to the amateur scoreboard.

    • Replays posted to the amateur scoreboard will also show up as usual on the main scoreboard, and count as a proper race entry.

    • Performance criteria for graduating racers out of the amateur competition will be decided upon in the near future. In the meantime, individual entries to the amateur scoreboard will be reviewed if need be.

    If you want to discuss the new format or make suggestions about it, meet us on the forum thread about the changes.


On this day in 2013, while racing on ZCT148, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 11pm Alan Rotoi: Yay! This is my best :smiley: I can't do it better ^_^.
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