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  • March 20

    We had an amazing race on ZCT187! Racers went all in for the honor of Aburaf and we had an amazing battle both for the leading time and the final victory.

    Initially dreadnaut gathered quite many leading hours, but soon he was overtaken by Friker and FinRok who battled throughout the month - FinRok was the fastest, while Friker won the battle for the leading time. At the very end, Marco, our recently retired top racer has came and won by quite a margin.

    Congrats to all! So in the end we have three racers with 12 points earned each. A fair result :)

    Many of you have an amazing collection of stunts tracks and replays - and so does Cas. So he suddenly pulled out a track from 2006 from his archives. A track made by Aburaf himself, as a possible competition track for Paleke's championship. A track forgotten for 11 years, never raced by the community - now it is you turn to try Abu's creation. It is easier than usual, so GAR participation is also encouraged! :)

  • February 22

    Sorry for the late update, the winter flu has got to me...

    We started the season with a good news and sad news.

    Sad news: Our beloved Anelio, a.k.a. Aburaf, a key member of our community has passed away in January. We miss him dearly. ZCT187 and ZCT188 will be both guest tracks in honor of Aburaf.

    Good news: We had an amazing race on ZCT186. Several newcomers joined us (Hello dosbox92, MOE and Imperas!) we had a comeback from Friker, landing on the second place, and could elect a new race winner so shortly after Marco has entered the hall of fame in the same way: Congratulations FinRok for winning your first ZakStunts race! A tough battle with Friker, and a well deserved victory entering an elite club! Oh and by the way Duplode finished on the third place :)

    Over to ZCT187: As mentioned above, it is a track in honor of Aburaf, created by fellow teammate and friend Alan Rotoi. Even if you do not expect to join the entire season, give this track a shot for Anelio.

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