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FTC Stormy Scamps has birthday today. Congratulations!

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  • July 5

    Lancia madness! And an amazing battle again between Akoss Poo and Duplode, the most serious contenders for this year's title. Similar to last month, Duplode was able to finish on the top, but in terms of points earned we have a draw, as Akoss Poo had beat Duplode by 10 hours for the +2 LTB.

    So on the overall scoreboard we have a draw! Again! Wow! WOW!!!!

    Marco finished third keeping a steady performance - thanks for sticking with us, Marco :)

    Comeback of the month goes to our long-time disappeared racer from Germany: Shorty. Welcome back, pal! Very nice comeback on the fourth position! Shorty was also motivated enough to design a competition track, which became ZCT168 - a simple summer fun track, appropriately named Holiday.

    I am off for holidays on Wednesday, but hope I will be able to race this time. None of this should influence you. Go and race!

  • June 7

    One blink and a month goes by. Gosh. I did not even find time to race on Cas' track. But fortunately many of you did, and with a good reason because this was a nice track and the results contain quite a few interesting PG-speedruns.

    And an excellent battle between Akoss Poo and Duplode for the leading time and final victory, very well played! Duplode won, but Akoss secured the +2 LTB by a small margin, so they are tied in terms of points. THird position: Alan Rotoi. Who? Yes, the dog is back - nice performance!

    Take a look at the seasonal scores as well: Akoss Poo 62 points, Duplode 61 points. Taking REAL scores they are both at 29 points. Quite a strong base for a strong battle and let's hope it continues through the season.

    I have to apologize - as I was unable to launch Stunts in the past month (lack of time), I was unable to design a new track. So we go retro and we fly to France - Dumont by Alain is the next rack. If I wouldn't mention that it is a retro track you probably wouldn't notice at all. But in any case, please enjoy and race more than I do!

On this day in 2013, while racing on ZCT144, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 9am DieselJoe: Argh :-)
  • 10am CTG: Diesel Joe: I suggest you the LWT-ZR1 GT3 or Jaguar XJR.
  • 6pm dreadnaut: I'm stuck there where the internet doesn't shine, but here's a new replay!
  • 8pm CTG: Romania?
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