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  • August 2

    A draw! Such a rare event. But it happened this time, both Akoss Poo and Duplode finishing with the same time. Well, to be fair, Akoss did it first and he also secured the +2 LTB by a great margin, so he is the true winner of ZCT168. Congratulations! Still, it will be interesting to see an analysis between the two driving lines.

    Especially as we have seen three drivers finishing very close to eachother on the third to fifth places: Marco, Zak McKracken and Usrin in this order, their corrected times are 1.20 sec from each.

    Thank you Shorty for the great track! We had my son's 6th birthday this weekend so no time (again :(() for a new track, so we go retro - and rally! ZCT169 will be Corsica-1 by Krys Toff. I hope you will enjoy!

  • July 5

    Lancia madness! And an amazing battle again between Akoss Poo and Duplode, the most serious contenders for this year's title. Similar to last month, Duplode was able to finish on the top, but in terms of points earned we have a draw, as Akoss Poo had beat Duplode by 10 hours for the +2 LTB.

    So on the overall scoreboard we have a draw! Again! Wow! WOW!!!!

    Marco finished third keeping a steady performance - thanks for sticking with us, Marco :)

    Comeback of the month goes to our long-time disappeared racer from Germany: Shorty. Welcome back, pal! Very nice comeback on the fourth position! Shorty was also motivated enough to design a competition track, which became ZCT168 - a simple summer fun track, appropriately named Holiday.

    I am off for holidays on Wednesday, but hope I will be able to race this time. None of this should influence you. Go and race!

On this day in 2007, while racing on ZCT078, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 1am AbuRaf70: Happy Birthday, Paleke...!!!
  • 2am Duplode: Welcome back SuperBrian, I couldn't wait to be able to race someone younger than me! :-DD
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