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  • December 28

    Season wrap-up, 2021 edition

    Hello everyone, another tough year is past, and another ZakStunts season has come to a close. We had some exciting and interesting moments in the past twelve months, both on the track and outside. Let’s see if I remember all the important bits.

    The year opened with Zapper dropping a bomb: out of nowhere KITT, Knight Rider’s famous take on the Pontiac Firebird, had arrived to Stunts. That was a great present to start the year, but little did we know that a few months later Ryoma would unleash probably a hundred custom cars, and Alan Rotoi would bring a number of projects out of a dusty cupboard and into the limelight.

    That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But there’s plenty more! Daniel3D’s customised the whole of Stunts with his Ferrari Edition (including Ryoma’s custom truck!). Together with Cas and Llm, they proceeded to break new ground and patch Stunts to support custom colours for the needles on the car dashboards.

    Oh yes, the competition too! The first ZakStunts months looked quite... traditional, with a duel between CTG and Duplode, with Akoss Poo, Alan Rotoi, and Overdrijf fighting for the third step of the podium. But a third in Looping Warriors slowed down, while Alan doubled down nailing five victories in a row, and a bunch of leading-time bonus points. Five victories are half a season, but Alan kept going, with three more podiums and a total of 12 LTB points—a whole extra victory!

    That wasn’t easy though: the battle with Duplode was intense, and behind them were KyLiE and Zapper, getting stronger month after month.

    The final scoreboard then sees Alan Rotoi taking home his first championship, congratulations! Behind him Duplode, last year’s title holder, then KyLiE, CTG, Zapper, and Overdrijf. Look out for these four in 2022!

    Side scoreboards

    Despite much experience with the game both KyLiE and Zapper counted as ‘newbies’ for 2021, and so they took the top ranks in the Newbie Championship, congratulations!

    Rules for the lower part of the scoreboard are changing next season though, so KyLiE will be the last Newbie Champion, and next year we’ll try with the new Amateur Competition. No KyLiEs invited there 😛

    Behind them, great work by Ryoma, Igor, matamo, and Daniel3D. They all had some motivation difficulties during the year, but I hope the new rules will help them find their space. Also, watch out for Frieshansen! He might be new around ZakStunts, but he clearly know his way behind the wheel.


    The GAR scoreboard is as usual unofficial, and there is no actual trophy. Gentle-pipsqueaks race for the thrill, and have little interest for these numbers. GAR numbers were kindly put together by Ryoma, thank you!

    Racer GAR score
    Duplode 126
    Zapper 120
    KyLiE 120
    KaoS 77
    Stan 286XT 63.1
    Marco 58
    Ryoma 50
    Cas 37
    Seeker1982 24
    CTG 18
    dreadnaut 14
    Zak McKracken 13
    Akoss Poo 8
    1337haxoryt 8
    matamo 8
    Daniel3D 8
    Overdrijf 7
    GTAMan15 6
    Straycat 4

    What’s next?

    Holidays! The competition will be on break until 16th January. Hopefully by then we’ll be ready with the Amateur Competition update.

    As usual, join us on the forum to volunteer for race reports, or simply to discuss next year’s rules and cars. And if you are not in a team, maybe it’s time to join or start one!

    Closing words

    Words! So many, but these are the last one for this post. They are important though: thank you! For racing, for helping around with tracks and articles, for making competitions tick and Stunts live well past anyone’s expectations.

    Take care out there, see you on the track next year!


  • October 18

    Second last, driving fast!

    October is here, and the end of the 2021 season is closing in. It's been a busy mid-year, let's see where we are!

    The scoreboard

    With Looping Warriors taking a step back from the competition after spring, we've have seen an impressive fight between Alan Rotoi, clawing for every leading-time hour under the sun, and Duplode, the current ZakStunts champion, racing somehow defensively. The result, with two tracks left in play, is Alan leading by 18 points, buoyed by eleven LTB points—an extra race by themselves. Is math on his side, and his position unassailable?

    Further down the table we find another duo: KyLiE and Overdrijf are racing for the third position. There's a few points between them, but drop the worst three results and everything is still on the table. Will KyLiE manage is 5-point lead, or will Overdrijf overtake him in this last two months?

    Closing the top-6 is Zapper: a hero for many as the designer of the Ferrari F40 and the early tuned cars, this year he decided to join us and burn some rubber on the tarmac. And what a season!

    Looking instead at the Newbie championship, we have KyLiE and Zapper in the lead. But the real competition is happening behind them, between Igor and Ryoma, Daniel3D and Frieshansen. Low participation in the past months makes things a bit uncertain, but we'll see how these last two tracks develop.

    The format

    End of season is always a moment of retrospection, and plans for next year. Right now we are discussing possible rule changes for 2022, and all feedback is welcome!

    We are also trialling a new Amateur competition to replace the "Newbie" one, with slightly different criteria. Too early to have any results, but I'm looking forward to seeing it in full action next year.

    Lastly, we bid (temporary?) farewell to the Permanent Competition. Started in 2002, it included the original Stunts tracks, plus a "closed" version surrounded by water. Participation stopped about a decade ago, and no old replays are available, so it now belongs to the archives.

    Anyway, two tracks left! Go download Daniel3D's Crazy Eight, and send us your lap. Fast, slow, entirely in first gear? we want to see it!


On this day in 2013, while racing on ZCT138, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 12am Renato Biker: Zak, change my team. :smiley:
  • 2am Zak McKracken: done :smiley:
  • 6pm Renato Biker: Thanks.
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