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  • May 10

    Well, this was a nightmare. Speedgate sucks. On the other hand, it is nice to know that Stunts can still surprise us after so many years. Quick news today:

    Congratulations to Akoss Poo for another victory! And by quite some margin over Duplode, who compensated his second position with some extra LTB. Marco is showing steady improvement and secured a place on the podium.

    As for the next track, our guest deisgner is Cas. The track is called 4AM but it mighta s well bear the name of Spaghetti Incident. Cars: The Xylocaine got -10 (just in case) and the P962 +10 - otherwise the usual bonus changes were applied. Let's see!

  • April 22

    An unprecedented case happened: A racer was banned from the competition.

    Multiple champion CTG, despite his long-standing racing career and established position in our community has violated several competition rules, raced under multiple aliases, admittedly modified cars for his own benefit and has accused and abused others in the forum and other channels repeatedly.

    Despite our best intent to agree on mutual terms and let him continue to be part of our community, he seems unable and not wanting to change.

    Therefor, we have no other means but to announce the following:

    CTG is banned from participating in ZakStunts. His access to the Stunts Forum is limited to the very basics: The USC subforum and generic Stunts-related topics (Stunts-the game subforum). He is not allowed to start new topics even in these boards. This limited access will be also removed immediately upon the first abuse of any community member.

    Moreover, CTG's is disqualified from the 2014 championship retrospectively. His monthly results are not touched for the sake of archive consistency. So the 2014 seasons final results are as follows:

    • 1st: Akoss Poo, champion. Congratulations!
    • 2nd: Duplode
    • 3rd: dreadnaut

On this day in 2004, while racing on ZCT038, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 2pm Akoss Poo: Very difficult track.
  • 3pm satanziege: First try. Nice track.
  • 4pm Zak McKracken: Another great article!!! Looks like the community is getting alive :smiley: This time the author is Mingva, and the article is a review about the upcoming event: ZCT39.
  • Dark Chaser: Good track. I like Ferrari.
  • 7pm Akoss Poo: Very interesting track. I improved a bit in the end, still under xp, without sound, auto trm... Much better rpl will be sent soon. With this, I only want to motivate Dark Chaser. :smiley:
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