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BeerBor and Rokker Zsolti have birthday today. Congratulations!

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  • February 15

    We had a nice season start thanks to you all! 15 racers gathered at the starting line and some fierce battles emerged with roaring Porsches all around.

    The three racers on the podium left the pack behind: Akoss Poo finished third, CTG second, and Duplode won. This means another victory for Looping Warriors as well - seems the team wants another title this year? We'll see if there'll be any strong contenders.

    On the LTB front CTG secured two and Akoss one point, establishing a difference in points from the non-podiumers, not only a difference in time.

    The public replays system seems to work well - at least I suspect it is one of the reasons for the strong replays in the mid-field.

    Last but not least, a great welcome to all our newbies: Marco, The Stig, afullo, kahdra, gtament - welcome! Hope you'll enjoy playing with us!

    And now on to ZCT163 - Full House. A twisting-turning yet quite fast track - time to warm your brakes too. Enjoy!

  • January 18

    Well, hello!

    Apologies for the lack of news lately, changing the country you live in is demaning even if you move back to a country you know very well. ZakStunts was down the priority list for a while.

    But not forgotten! And neither are you - so first, let's congratulate to the winners of 2014:

    • CTG joined to exclusive club of double champions with 120 points with stable performance throughout the season. Well done!

    • Second place: Akoss Poo! Participating on all races and increasing his race victories from one to three. 105 points. What a comeback! Congratulations, Akoss!

    • Third place: Duplode, 95 points, with a missed season finish due to some community arguments. Nevertheless, nice job!

    And the team title goes of course to Looping Warriors, with a huge margin over others.

    Thank you all and now let's start the 2015 season! Quite a few changes - see the next newspost for details.

On this day in 2012, while racing on ZCT127, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 12am Alan Rotoi: Still here?
  • 10am SuperBrian: Just to the change of atmosphere: Im happy? to be back. It seems as if I should give the F40 a try. :cheesy: About the track: I can see it is not allowed to dual-way-switching on this track - then be it - You should just remember that a ban on one dual-way-switching on a dual-way-track leads to the argument of saying that dual-way-switching is never allowed. Of course some tracks are designed to dual-way-switch, but some aren't and it can still be possible to do it. If we make a ban on this track it is the same to say that dual-way-tracks must NEVER be allowed unless it is the purpose of the track. I find this a bit disturbing.
  • Dottore: Nice, my password WAS Dottore - I thought it was a crappy joke CTG.
  • Bonzai Joe: Actually we had a poll about it in the forum and we decided it was just for this track - because it really makes the track a lot less fun.
  • 1pm Navras: Mine is matrix.
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