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  • August 3

    Whoops. apologies for the Sunday site update :( Barnabas turned 5 on Friday so we were having a great birthday party and then spent quite some time building his new LEGO sets. Fun fun fun!

    But unfortunately this equals no time to design a track - so per a suggestion in the forum, here we go with a reverse track on ZCT157 (which is a prime number by the way)

    But before that: ZCT156 was relatively quiet (well, its July, no surprise), we have seen some twisty powergear turns and CTG left everyione else in smoke again... which means using REAL points he is only one point behind Renato Biker. Wow! Mind you, still five tracks left - a promising battle is building up! Duplode is also a possible contender - he finished second on ZCT156, having done some turns not as nicely as CTG. And also he misses to score any LTB points - a must for serious contenders. Instead Akoss Poo secured this, finishing third, putting Looping Warriors way ahead of the competition. This seems to be their season...

    So let's give CTG some encouragement to race hard, and also encourage others to beat him on his home base, that is: left corners. ZCT157 is the reversed version of ZCT67 *also a prime :)), Damn Right! - containing only right corners.

    Well, now we only have lefts. But I must say the track is more enjoyable in this direction than in its original form. Enjoy!

  • July 30

    Hello All,

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On this day in 2004, while racing on ZCT042, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 9am Stunts Oracle: errr... I sent a replay in the 6th hour of jackys leading time :S
  • 11am Bonzai Joe: No message was entered...
  • Krys TOFF: ZakStunts was down during all the weekend. I sent this replay by mail saturday, but as it is still not in scoreboard, I put it through the web form.
  • Krys TOFF: Zak, Alaan is right : BJ should have 9 hours less of leading time, and Alan should have 9 hours more according to the replay he sent...
  • 3pm DieselJoe: Here I am - on the road again!
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