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  • May 16

    Weeee, Once again a pretty tight finish! Amazing jumps and tricks, and again FinRok finished first, also conveniently securing the +2 LTB. Is Rok unstoppable from winning the season? Clearly not yet, but it will be tough to stop him!

    Second was Duplode, Third Marco, both well ahead of the pack - and I was very happy to see Bonzai Joe appear on the scoreboard again - pocketing the 4th plase as if he never stopped racing :)

    The next track is contributed by arturbmallmann, and it is somewhat unusual. Be prepared for a slightly longer course and many jumps. All you need is the proper car. Enjoy!

  • April 16

    Wow, what a finish! a margin of 0.05 seconds! The biggest congratulations of course go to Rok for winning the track and maxing out the LTB not allowing anyone else to secure an LTB point. That is a three point margin over the second-highest scoring racer, and a clear indicator of Rok shooting for the title this year!

    That second-highest scoring racer was no one else than Duplode, who is credited for finding the winning car and publishing his replay early :)

    Third was Marco, who maxed out his F40 lap, but this was by far not sufficient to compete with the GTO. Congrats to all!

    On we go to ZCT189 - a guest track from Leo - and he did his fair share of modifying the car bonuses - so make sure you think twice before you select your vehicle. :)

    Enjoy the new track!

On this day in 2005, while racing on ZCT051, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 1am alain: i reached 1:11 before you did and i will drive 1:02 as dued since the beginning of the month
  • alain: replay hiding? whats that? i'll have some sleep when your fingers will stop driving on z51
  • 2am AbuRaf70: And to think that CTG is made problems with my times... :cheesy: :cheesy:
  • 11am CTG: Disgusting attack of ghosts... Alan/Gutix: please finish it! We all know Ayrton and Chulk aren't real!!!
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