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  • October 3

    Quick news now - congrats to all, especially the top 3 for their excellent powergear replays! My life is full of changes now so not much time for Stunts - hence ZCT159 is a reused track - from 2003, Indy Racing Cup competition. enjoy! :) I am off for 4 days for a much awaited extended weekend trip to the Chinese countryside - will hopefully share more detailed news when back.

  • September 1

    Wow, nice activity again on ZCT157! 15 racers, tons of replays during the quiet days (11 racers sent a replay during the last two days of the race) and a great car&track combination. And CTG`s three-in-a-row victory streak broken: Duplode was the fastest with an unexpected trick. CTG second by a small margin - but also securing +2 LTB without leaving points to others, taking one more step to a possible victory this season. And the third: Bonzai Joe! Nice job all!

    Some other pleasant surprises: the return of satanziege (hi! :)), the consistent good performance of Usrin and dreadnaut and the overall fun factor and activity on the scoreboard and as well on the forums. A dream race!

    Only 4 tracks to go this season, and the championship still seems tight (team standings not so much). September is a guest track from a newbie designer: dreadnaut. Cool! Let's see how it flows... just select a car and enjoy!

On this day in 2013, while racing on ZCT147, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 7am CTG: For those who don't know Duplode's Melange skills: Veresegyház (USC 2007/08); 1 DUP 1:30.50, 2 CTG 1:30.65.
  • 6pm Alan Rotoi: What is USC?
  • 10pm CTG: A championship surviving 4DSL.
  • CTG: It's time to publish.
  • CTG: 1:10 is so close... :-S
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