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  • March 2

    What a start!

    The cars are fast, the tracks are busy, and Season 2019 is off with bang! We are already two-third through the second race, and I have quite a few pieces of news for this column!

    New rules and cars

    First of all, the rules for this season have a small change around the car bonus coefficients. After a deep forum discussion, we decided to bring the car bonuses closer together, and reduce the speed at which they change. It's an experiment to see if we can make finding the right car more uncertain and fun. And from this first two races, it seems to be working!

    The yearly car rotation brings to the track the Ferrari F40, the Ford Ranger (all the rage on ZCT211), and a bunch of Overdrijf's productions: the SuperKart, and the Audi Quattro and BMW M3 from the recently released DTM pack.

    New and old faces

    We have new cars, but also a small pack of recent additions to the scoreboard: Heretic, who joined us at the end of last year, fx_undertaker from Canada, sd4000 from Germany, and Stan 286XT, who plays on original hardware. Hey, there's enough people for a new team there!

    We also saw Marco very high up on the scoreboard! He seems to have conceded the GAR throne, but he's already working hard for the championship. Also Usrin is whizzing around the current track, which means that Looping Warriors has a full roster again. The team championship is going to be hot this year :-)

    Got grip?

    Stick to the road in Cas' OWOOT event, Race 4 Kicks, which is back for the third season. The first track is just out! And trust me, it's a good one, with evil corks and tricky jumps. So go and sign up there as well: the scoreboard is open to both RH and NoRH laps, and Cas is guaranteed to bring you interesting tracks.

    Around the forum

    Come join us for one of our rare Le Stunts events, where we meet on the website chat and take part in endurance races 12 minutes long. It makes for tough, adrenaline-filled driving! We are currently planning the date (and time) for the next one, are you in?

    If you feel like racing now, instead, you could take our Default Challenge, a five-lap test on the DEFAULT track that comes with Stunts. Fast racing against the clock, but mainly yourself—nerves of steel required.

    If instead you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, check the strange Car Cards project that started in the last days. Open your favourite graphics software and send us your experiments!


  • January 6

    Happy 2019, pipsqueaks!

    Hello again everyone, dreadnaut here. Have you been well? Recovered from the holidays? The new season starts next week with a track by Akoss Poo, but first, let's have a look at the year just over.

    Jaguar in December

    Where were we? Oh yes: it was mid December and we were racing on ZCT209, CTG's return to track design: a fast Jaguar track with several patience-testing tricks. The track was interesting but the race fairly linear, with FinRok back for the season's end, Duplode, and CTG himself at the top.

    The podium solidified at the end of November, and the fight moved lower down along the scoreboard, with small packs of racers aiming for the non-decimal points. I enjoyed a good battle with Seeker1982, with Akoss Poo coming up really close behind.

    So congratulations to the three at the top, all ZakStunts champions in previous years! But they'll have to keep an eye on the three pipsquaks near their tail-lights: they might have some interest in the next championship ;-)

    Summing up the season

    Following the example of our 2018 season, the year also came to a close shortly after. I don't know who won the year 2018, but let me tell you all about the 18th ZakStunts season!

    Starting straight at the top: ZakStunts champion for 2018 is Duplode. This is his fifth title in ten years, and the walls of his house must be very sturdy, because they hold up 95 medals. Although his total score of 139 is not one of the highest, it's important to note that it was achieved with several "last-minute" replays, which became almost a tradition.

    When in Brazil it's 11:45 of the final day of the race, and Duplode hasn't posted his replay yet... :cheesy:


    This strategy however left tons of leading-time points for other drivers. CTG collected most of them, climbing the season scoreboard at great speed in the second half of the year! But some of those LTB points also ended up in Seeker's pockets, who secured the second place by one point.

    Third place in the season goes then to CTG; an impressive result since he took part in only 7 out of 12 races. But with 11 LTB points, there's an extra podium step there!

    Just below

    A bit lower on the scoreboard—skipping that strange chap in fourth place—we find afullo and Cas, who reached good positions consistently through-out the season. No medals for them this year, but the podium steps are definitely within their reach.

    FinRok, the 2017 champion, took most of the season off, but landing on the podium everytime he appeared, gathering just enough points to step ahead of Alan Rotoi. Alan has a been a bit to the side in the past years, but seeing his recent good results, and if he can make enough time for racing, there will be one more strong contender on the tracks.

    And let's not forget the return of Akoss Poo! Oh my, we might have a really challenging season in 2019!


    The team trophy travels to Italy, with the victory by Rolling Stunts. That's me and afullo most of the time, in case you wondered. Our results were OK, but being there month after month made the difference, leaving us a comfortable 15 points lead ahead of Cork's Crew. They were catching up fast though, after Overdrijf's strong return last autumn.

    Slowdrive takes the third place with the hard work by Cas and Leo, who not only managed to race on all tracks, but also designed most of them—thank you guys!

    Also back on the radar is Looping Warriors: not many points this season, but they might reach triple digits in 2019.

    Side scoreboards

    With new drivers sometimes taking part in only a handful of races, the newbie season if often difficult to read. Not this time! The newbie champion for 2018 is Seeker1982, with a perfect score! Second place goes to GTAMan15, and in third position we have Swotl. Their performances have been more irregular, but I'm looking forward to seeing them on the tracks this year!

    There's not really a scoreboard for GAR results—and that's by design—but you don't need that to realise that Seeker scored another perfect! on this competition as well. I have to say, with Marco away from the tracks that might be easier, but Seeker's laps have been consistently impressive.

    Here are the top positions of the GAR scoreboard:

    Racer GAR score
    Seeker1982 144
    Duplode 66
    dreadnaut 50
    GTAMan15 45
    Kaos 29
    Cas 24
    Swotl 21
    arturbmallmann 16

    Coming up next

    And that's should be it. One week left, then the circus reopens. We have track designers for all races, and I'm looking forward to what they will come up with. The rules for the new seasons have not been finalised yet, so have a look at the forum and join the open discussions.

    Otherwise, thanks a lot for a great 2018, and see you next week!


On this day in 2004, while racing on ZCT039, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 9am CTG: 27.60 is simply cool! :wink:
  • 12pm Alain il professore: news is for posting your news, not for pesting nose... Mingva is still the best. Lithuania entered Europe Onion. and shakes it and shakes it and shakes it :smiley:
  • 11pm CTG: New idea for diarrhoea: two big tomatoes with beer... Will it work? :smiley:
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