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  • July 11

    After two weeks of exceptionally hard work, nothing better than laying in bed with a fever... Well, not exactly, I could image plenty of better things. At least it provides ample time for track design and a site update - so here you are!

    We saw another narrow win by Duplode, and the -by now usual- LTB dominance from FinRok - he seems unstoppable even if he only caught the second place on ZCT191. And a third place from Dreadnaut, congratulations! And by the way, did you notice Imperase lingering around the podium now for two months in a row? Are we up for a surprise?

    Well, on ZCT192 anything can happen, at least so it seems. Try to activate your brain to find the best way. :)

  • May 16

    Weeee, Once again a pretty tight finish! Amazing jumps and tricks, and again FinRok finished first, also conveniently securing the +2 LTB. Is Rok unstoppable from winning the season? Clearly not yet, but it will be tough to stop him!

    Second was Duplode, Third Marco, both well ahead of the pack - and I was very happy to see Bonzai Joe appear on the scoreboard again - pocketing the 4th plase as if he never stopped racing :)

    The next track is contributed by arturbmallmann, and it is somewhat unusual. Be prepared for a slightly longer course and many jumps. All you need is the proper car. Enjoy!

On this day in 2008, while racing on ZCT087, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 8am Bonzai Joe: I am currently eating that. Hopefully I can feed Ayrton something later, so he doesn't have to starve...
  • 12pm CTG: Generally I cheer for you vs Ayrton, but in this case (only Z87) I hope to see an Argentinian victory because of the GTO-Acura affair. :cheesy:
  • 1pm Bonzai Joe: Yes, Ayrton blew my chance to be 2nd... All along I knew GTO was the right car and I just hoped you would keep driving ACURA until the end. Now maximalists will race the GTO and I can't beat them.
  • CTG: The hungarian maximalist is throwing this race to the trash bin and waiting for a Jaguar track...
  • 9pm Mark L. Rivers: A tragedy...
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