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  • May 12

    Reporting on ZCT225

    ZCT225 is over... and so it's been for a few days already. Sorry that I took some time for the analysis!

    A fierce race full of fast Mercedes... or so it seemed for most of it. We've been watching its evolution until the quiet day replays transformed the scoreboard. Boom! The LM002 dominates by far! It even caught me by surprised and had to rewrite my analysis.

    Now, one could've said that switching to the LM002 would not be enough, in spite of all, but Seeker1982 went ahead and proved them wrong, leading the podium and even making several final-seconds of difference. And above all, bringing home is first ZakStunts victory! Following him, Overdrijf and Duplode showing that the Mercedes remains a good option for top pipsqueaks.

    Behind the podium—and indeed, there's a gap there!—four more LM002s: CTG, Stingray86, Dreadnaut and Heretic.

    And what will happen next? ZCT226 (Terra Australis) is already ongoing and looks like a lot of fun! Nice racing!


  • April 14

    Reporting on ZCT224

    Hi all! The third race of the season came to its end, and new pipsqueaks along with familiar faces filled as usual the scoreboard.

    As for the previous race, the winning lap has been run on a different car with respect to the main one used by the most racers: this time Duplode set the reference time, minutes away from the deadline, by driving the Audi DTM in a sligthly higher time compared to Alan's Jaguar (who raced at countdown almost zero too), but the better bonus gave the former the tallest step on the podium.

    With it completed by CTG in the third place (after being first until the quiet days), attention should be given to the Traction Faction guys: Stingray86 and Heretic were able to finish ahead of more experienced drivers, respectively Overdrijf and Seeker, by posting good laps since the first week of the race. The other Rolling Stunts guys, dreadnaut and afullo, along with Cas (representing the third car used by some players, the Lancia), completed the top ten.

    The fourth race is underway, so stay tuned!


On this day in 2009, while racing on ZCT095, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 1pm Friker: probably my last replay because i will be far away. no maxing out - im too lazy
  • 11pm Bonzai Joe: Hi, Rotoi! We know you could be leading if you really tried ;-)
  • Alan Rotoi: Icy roads... ouch!
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