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Goblin has birthday today. Congratulations!

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  • October 25

    Some say powergear racing is the pinnacle of Stunts racing. Some disagree. But everyone agrees it needs skills, intuition and -often- luck as well. And it often ends with a South American podum - ZCT171 was no exception.

    Duplode dominated the track from day one, and did not even let anyone else to win a single leading time bonus point. MeganiuM master Alan finished second, and our gold oldie, Aburaf70 secured another podium position for himself. Congratulations to all!

    With only two tracks until the end of season, let's take a look at the seasonal scores. There are two contenders for the title this year: Akoss Poo is leading with 95 real points and Duplode is right behind with 93 points. Their SUM is 30 ponts more for both of them, meaning they have identical worst three results so far, so we can expect a very tough battle between these top racers.

    On the third position we have our super talented newbie, Marco. Quite extraordinary to be in the top three in someone's first full season - and he can likely keep this position until the end. And then we have three racers again very close to eachother on positions 4 to 6 - so we can surely expect an interesting end for the season.

    ZCT172 is quite the antithesis of ZCT171 - corners versus long straights and water versus grass. But that is completely fair - anyone who wants to be a ZakStunts champion must be competent on all kind of tracks - let's see who is the best!

  • August 30

    OK, this season is getting more and more amazing. Last time we had a draw, and now, WHAT??? 0.05s time difference between the winner and the second place? And a hearty battle throughout the track for the leading time, with only 12 hours as the deciding factor??? Guys, you are driving us nuts!

    And the guys are: Marco and Akoss Poo. Congratulations Akoss, this month you took it all. The top of the podium and the +2LTB. A major step towards winning the season perhaps? Well, only time (and Marco) will tell.

    On the third place: AbuRaf. He started as if on fire and finished still on fire, ahead of Duplode and a few other big names. Very strong performance, congratulations to you as well!

    Well, on the the next track! Does any of you still remember ZCT63 from 2006? The track modelled after the old BMX track in front of our apartment's window on which we had a literal live race - running. No, it's not a retro track again. I wanted to design something myself for ZCT170 (such a nice number) and remembered there is a similar BMX track a few blocks from here. So I went with the kids to bike some rounds on it a few days ago and modeled it for you. In case you wonder it is located exactly here.

    Well it's not a perfect match but a good try at least. Enjoy!

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