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  • November 18

    Last track, already?

    Are you having fun? Because time has been definitely flying, and we are already at the last race of the season!

    Lambo Mambo, number 002

    ZCT208 was a twisty track, designed with the Ford Ranger and the LM002 in mind. Indeed it was an LM002 race from the beginning to the end. A car surprisingly agile, but slow, oh so slow.

    CTG took the lead in the first days, and there he sat, racking up all the LTB hours, while at the same time improving his times and keeping Duplode in second place until the end. Most of his replays were public, but even so few found the dedication to catch up with him. And that's how you put 14 points in the bag in a single race! Congratulations then to CTG and Duplode. I sneaked in in third position at the last moment, having spent most of the month away from Stunts. Job-hunting is hard.

    CTG also brings us the next track. ZCT209 is also a twisty one, full of jumps and probably hidden shortcuts, but this time there are several fast cars in the usable pool. Will the end of the season give us an exciting race?

    New cars on the Stunts horizon

    This season has been full of surprises. There were a couple of vague hints on the forum, and maybe some suspicious questions about car editing, but no-one was expecting Overdrjft to deliver three cars at the same time. But that's exactly what he did with his new Audi, Mercedes, and BMW set inspired by the DTM racing series of the 80s and 90s. And what an impressive work it is!

    You can try them right away, and Cas has kindly made all three available for the current Race 4 Kicks track. All three are quite fun to drive, and I would like to use at least on for the next season, so please give them a try and let us know which one you prefer on the forum.


  • September 24

    The Fast and the Unexpected

    Now that was a good race! ZCT206 is over, with a last-moment plot twist that saw the Ferrari GTO take the first spot, after four weeks of Jaguar battles between Duplode, CTG, Overdrjft, and Seeker1982.

    CTG held the first position for most of the month with a sequence of improvements on a lap which, to the untrained eye, looked already perfect. And even if the replay was public, we all had quite a hard job to close in in his rear mirrors.

    However, the victory went to the GTO, which had been hiding in plain sight on the bonus chart. Full-speed powergear on a track as long as this one can beat even IMSA cars by several seconds.

    Only two entries on the GAR scoreboard though. Cas' track was pure evil for OWOOT rules, with high speed chicanes and tight corners following double jumps :)

    Community news

    Although the race was quite intense, people found time for more Stunts magic!

    The water rises

    The next race, ZCT207, will be on a water-and-pipes nightmare track by Leo. Good luck, and keep your car out of the sea!


On this day in 2017, while racing on ZCT197, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 12am Seeker1982: help - for some reason I can't capture my video for GAR-Laps or actually for anything.. I'm using DOSbox 0,74 SVN DAUM - capturing uzsed to work just fine, now then i press ctrg+alt+F5 it doesn't do anything - in the dosbox status window should be message that it started recording, but there it isn't..
  • Seeker1982: I just found out the DAUM/Dosbox Menu-bar also has a capture video entry, which works just fine - but for some reason the shortcut ctrl+alt+f5 doesn't work
  • Cas: Seeker, I'm not sure what it would be, but I can think of two things. One is that I think I read that it is possible to redefine shortcut keys in DOSBox, so perhaps you've installed it with a mod or something that includes a ready-made configuration file with different shortcuts. The other thing is that, if you happen to just have changed your OS or installed something on it, it may be capturing that key combination so it never reaches DOSBox.
  • 5pm Seeker1982: new GAR-time of 1:34,65 for which i managed to realtime record etc. @Cas: at the moment my computer is malfunctioning - the motherboard is damaged so I can't insert a discrete graphics car - right now it's running with the IGP intel HD4000 of my CPU. That's the only change I can think of that may have something to do with the key-combination not working
  • 9pm dreadnaut: Might sound silly but... have you tried with the *other* Ctrl key? DosBox sometimes only accepts one of the two.
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