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  • January 6

    Old enough to drive

    Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! Holidays are coming to a close, hope you had a good time off the track :)

    Summing up 2017

    So, what's up? First thing, the 2017 season is over and we have a fresh new champion lifting the ZakStunts trophy. FinRok joined us mid-season in 2016, took a moment to adjust the side mirrors and learn the tricks, then showed us how to win a ZakStunts championship: strong replays, tons of LTB hours, and really good driving! Congratulations!

    The newbie scoreboard is almost split in two, with the first half of the year lead by Imperas and artur, and the second by Seeker1982. Imperas however covered and won most races over the season, becoming Newbie Champion for 2017.

    Congratulations also to Slowdrive, the winning team! Coming just 2 points ahead Cork's Crew, and completing the impressive feat of all four racers bringing in points over the season. If they can keep that up in 2018, it's going to be tough for the other teams!

    Last, the GAR competition rolled in parallel through the whole year, seeing good participation and impressive results. Marco led the scoreboard for most of the season, but didn't submit a GAR replay for the last race, allowing FinRok to sneak on the tallest step of the podium by one point. In third place, Seeker1982 —we expect great things from you in 2018!

    Life on the island of Stunts

    And so the multi-year Renato-Duplode-Akoss domination was broken, in a season that saw a number of drivers distracted by that thing called "real life", but also some strong new arrivals on the scoreboard. Beyond the leaders of the newbie competitions, good results came from Motig, KaoS and last-minute entry Smrtka! Maybe it's time for them to think about teams ;-)

    Zak and Marco have both been busy with new houses, Friker's got family, and Duplode said something about "navigating transitions" —which sounds cool, but also time-intensive. MeganiuM dropped from the radar in spring, and I can't forget the sad event that marked the beginning of 2017, the loss of AbuRaf.

    Stunts and its bugs might stay the same, but the planet keeps turning at high revs, and us with it.

    The next season is starting soon!

    We are then at the start of the 18th ZakStunts season, which is planned for January 14. And with March comes an important milestone, with track number 200.

    The race number and duration should follow the usual format, but cars and additional rules are still open to changes! So join us on the forum to discuss the old and the new season, and maybe to form a team, pick up a task or design a track. All feedback is welcome!


  • November 30

    Get your calculators ready!

    The last track of the season is finally here, and while the main standings are probably decided, the Teams and GAR competitions are still open. But how did we get here? Oh yes, that slow Lamborghini track.

    Loop after loop

    Turns out the balancing a track for many cars and different ways is a difficult task, and the author of ZCT196 did a below average job. Er... sorry :-)

    Not a week in the race, it was clear that the LM002 was the leading car, and the plain, boring loop road actually faster than the shortcut across the hills. At that point it was just a matter of shaving seconds. And quite a few seconds, it turns out! I highly suggest to have a look at the top replays, and see how our resident GAR racers can get the slowest car in the game to fly around corners in the top gear.

    Congratulations to FinRok, Marco and Seeker1982, covering the whole podium within one second!

    Season finale

    If FinRok's victory solidifies his champion position, Marco's position reopens not one but two competitions!

    On the Teams scoreboard, Slowdrive has overtaken Cork's Crew by one point! Will the historical team get enough racers on the track before the end of the race? Or is Leo's team ready for their first victory?

    The GAR scoreboard instead... well, it's not there. But if I put the number together correctly, the top half should look something like this:

    Racer Points
    Marco 80
    FinRok 71
    Imperas 65
    Seeker1982 59
    arturbmallmann 56
    Cas 50

    We have Marco at the top of course, with FinRok quite close behind. But there's a few racers within a dozen points! Will Imperas return to the track to defend his footing on the podium, or will Seeker, who started mid-season, manage to push him off the third step?

    About three weeks left to go, fasten your seatbelts!


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