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  • October 4

    In other news

    One two... testing? Dreadnaut here, writing in the space that has always been Zak's own. What is happening? Read on for the details!

    ZakStunts duties

    It turns out Zak is quite busy building a new house out of Lego and beer crates, if I understand correctly, so we'll be helping him with running the competition. There's an ongoing discussion on the forum about possible tasks to pick up (writers, track designers, etc.) so have a look!

    The season so far

    October has arrived and there are only three track left until the end of the 2017 season. It's a year of new names and strong results, both on the main scoreboard and the GAR races.

    Imperas and Artur have been very consistent and their replays are moving up on the scoreboards. Seeker1982 has joined mid-year and seems to enjoy the GAR races the most, duelling with Marco about 5 seconds faster than all the others.

    Leading the pack is FinRok, who might not win every race, but has collected tons of LTB points —feels like 2013 again! Duplode is close by, but it seems that real life might be claiming more of his time in the next months. Can that suspiscious dreadnaut gain another position? Is the season podium decided? Does anyone want to do the math?

    Race 4 Kicks

    Don't forget that Cas' own competition is running in parallel. Fixed cars and OWOOT rules make for a distinct challenge, so try a lap there when you are frustrated with that difficult loop cut or powergear corner!


  • July 11

    After two weeks of exceptionally hard work, nothing better than laying in bed with a fever... Well, not exactly, I could image plenty of better things. At least it provides ample time for track design and a site update - so here you are!

    We saw another narrow win by Duplode, and the -by now usual- LTB dominance from FinRok - he seems unstoppable even if he only caught the second place on ZCT191. And a third place from Dreadnaut, congratulations! And by the way, did you notice Imperas lingering around the podium now for two months in a row? Are we up for a surprise?

    Well, on ZCT192 anything can happen, at least so it seems. Try to activate your brain to find the best way. :)


On this day in 2013, while racing on ZCT147, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 10pm CTG: Visual analysis... It was a great match, Renato!
  • CTG: What the hell happened with the YouTube video size?!?!? :undecided:
  • CTG: (fuck Win8 Movie Maker...)
  • CTG: Fixed:
  • 11pm dreadnaut: Impressive video! However, I wonder why at the end youtube wants me to look at apartements for sale :huh?:
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