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  • February 21

    It's full of stars

    Hello everyone, welcome to the new season! Oh, you say, it's been going for a weeks, and we are already midway through the second race? Details, I will reply to you :)

    Yes, ZakStunts 2021 started in January with an ZCT234, an interesting track by Akoss Poo. We saw great participation and a nice battle, with Duplode, Alan Rotoi, and CTG on the podium.

    Friker passed by to say hello, but the scoreboard also included a few new drivers: Igorp and matamo joined us from Australia, and after many years Zapper himself—of "Tuned for Real" custom cars fame—descended on the track.

    So many stars behind the steering wheel, but there's more that glitters this month!

    Website updates

    I've been working behind the scenes to improve a few things on the competition website. It'll be a slow process, but a few bits are already visible.

    First, races from 2020 onward (which follow the new LTB rules) have now a different bar chart for the leading-time hours. I hope that will make it easier to understand what is happening, and how many hours are assigned to whom, or left to assign.

    Second, you can now rate tracks! You can only rate tracks for which you have submitted a replay, and voting will be open for only three weeks after the end of a race. A prompt to rate will appear both above the track scoreboard and on the home page. The plan is to put these ratings together at the end of the season to crown the "Track of the Year".

    As usual, let me know on the forum if anything behaves oddly. Or more oddly than usual 😅


  • December 14

    2020 Season finale!

    The checkered flag comes down to close ZCT233, and with it the 2020 season comes to an end. And what a season!

    The competition opened in January with a green field: Marco, the 2019 champion, had decided to reduce his involvement, leaving space to the runner-ups from last season. 2019 ended with four racers within 16 points, and indeed the first race of 2020 saw the same four racers squeezing on the podium: Duplode, Seeker1982, and Overdrijf sharing the third position with dreadnaut.

    A few weeks later, while the world out there was going a bit crazy with pandemics and whatnots, all had changed: the competition had become a bloody three-way battle among:

    • Seeker1982, with strong regular replays;
    • CTG, less constant in his participation, but ruthless in the LTB battle; and
    • Duplode, focussing all his efforts on strong final replays.

    The three dominated the season, collecting most leading-time bonus points, and victories. Among these I'm honoured to point out Seeker's first victory on ZCT225, which makes him the 24th ZakStunts race winner!

    Marco, FinRok, and Alan Rotoi also made appearances, taking a podium step with little apparent effort, to then disappear again. But no-one else got even close: if last year we had 7 different winners, 2020 saw the triumvirate at the top, plus one victory by FinRok, and that's it.

    What followed was a surprisingly balanced season, with no clear leader all the way through, up to the last race. While Duplode reached the end of November with a small lead, the maths showed viable routes to the 2020 title for all three.

    But ZakStunts is not only about the champion title! A number of secondary battles developed during the year:

    • a friendly feud for the fourth place between Overdrijf and dreadnaut, begun with a draw in January, and stolen won by Overdrijf by one point;
    • the mid-scoreboard skirmish involving Stringray86, Heretic, and afullo, also joined by KyLiE, later in the season;
    • the low-scoreboard more civilised contest among Cas, KaoS, Leo, Straycat, and Stan 286XT.

    And the winner is...

    So... what happened? Who won? Well, ZCT233 saw CTG collecting most LTB hours and all the bonus points, but alas it was not enough! Duplode went full nuclear submarine with his final quiet replay, driving four seconds faster than the others, and maintaining a tiny lead. He brings home the 2020 title only two points ahead of CTG, and three from Seeker. Congratulations Duplode! 🏆

    Really, really strong results from CTG and Seeker1982 as well! I have never seen a season with three racers so close to winning the title.

    Side scoreboards

    The team competition was not as close, but Rolling Stunts believed for a while they could grab the title this year. Alas, a small gap repeated over multiple races means a larger gap at the end, and Cork's Crew held on to the trophy! Great teamwork there between Duplode and Overdrijf, well done! 🏆​

    Impressive work also from the new team of this year, Traction Faction! Great race coverage, and a ton of points. (Not in a team yet? Visit the Team Zone!)

    Looking now at the Newbie Championship, we had Stingray86 take the lead after a couple of warm up races at the end of 2019. The first half of this season was maybe easy for him, but he had to fight against KyLiE and Straycat for the rest of the year. And fight he did, sealing three more victories, and bringing the newbie title to Australia. Congratulations Stingray, I'm looking forward to see you climb the main scoreboard! 🏆


    The GAR scoreboard is as usual unofficial, and there is no actual trophy. Gentle-pipsqueaks race for the thrill, and have little interest for these numbers.

    Now shut up dreadnaut and give us the &%"# scoreboard!

    Racer GAR score
    Seeker1982 143
    Duplode 97
    KaoS 61
    Stingray86 55
    dreadnaut 54
    KyLiE 48
    Stan 286XT 48
    Straycat 32
    Marco 32
    Cas 28
    Zak McKracken 23
    CTG 9
    GTAMan15 3

    Almost a perfect season for Seeker1982, with a single point missing, collected by Duplode. Uneven coverage means that consistent pipsqueaks rise up on the list: well done KaoS, Stingray86, and Stan!

    With Marco and FinRok missing, however, Seeker might not have a challenge! Maybe some of our Aussie friends will raise to threaten his lead?


    Last but not least, I'd like to point out that Stan 286XT, our resident "wrong car" expert, has completed his second season without missing a race. Well done Stan! 🎖

    What happens now?

    The main competition will be on break for a few weeks: season 2021 is scheduled to start on the 10th of January. In the meanwhile, stay with us for other events:

    • Race 4 Kicks is running an F1 endurance race until Boxing Day, go and sign up! The McLaren Honda for the race can be downloaded from the website.
    • There's a live race planned for next weekend; join us for this different and exciting event!
    • Running ZakStunts is a community effort. You can contribute with a guest track, a race report, and suggestions are welcome 🙂
    • Feeling wordy? Tell us about your 2020 season by writing a short article. Please do, you'll love re-reading these in 5 years and more!

    A final thank you!

    I can't close this post without thanking all of you for the great participation and support this year! The old grumpy pipsqueaks, the new fast drivers, you make ZakStunts, and my day.

    Fasten your seatbelt, and godspeed! ⛵


On this day in 2008, while racing on ZCT082, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 11am Krys TOFF: 1st attempt with 'Vette.
  • 1pm CTG: Somebody please! Send a sub-50 replay! :grin:
  • 4pm Bonzai Joe: CTG, nobody is going to believe your shit until you send a replay...
  • CTG: I know :cheesy:
  • CTG: I'm retired so expect only a YouTube replay... :wink:
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