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  • November 6

    ZCT159 replays were added to the track archive file.

  • November 4

    Apologies guys, I am terribly overloaded. Can't seem to be able to log on to my stunts.hu mailboxes at the moment so cannot fetch winning replays. Anyhow: HUGE congratulations to Akoss Poo for his second ZakStunts victory!!!! Also kudos to CTG and our newbie :) Clairwil to finish on the podium!

    I will let you know as soon I manage to fetch replays and update the track archive. Until then - enjoy ZCT160, a retro track again - but a good one at that. Let your mind boggle over the options :)

On this day in 2013, while racing on ZCT148, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 3pm CTG: Na persze mesemondó... Papolás helyet inkább ugorj ki a kertbe és csiszolj meg egy banánfát.
  • CTG: *helyett
  • CTG: (else the Google translator won't recognize it :cheesy:)
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