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  • September 24

    The Fast and the Unexpected

    Now that was a good race! ZCT206 is over, with a last-moment plot twist that saw the Ferrari GTO take the first spot, after four weeks of Jaguar battles between Duplode, CTG, Overdrjft, and Seeker1982.

    CTG held the first position for most of the month with a sequence of improvements on a lap which, to the untrained eye, looked already perfect. And even if the replay was public, we all had quite a hard job to close in in his rear mirrors.

    However, the victory went to the GTO, which had been hiding in plain sight on the bonus chart. Full-speed powergear on a track as long as this one can beat even IMSA cars by several seconds.

    Only two entries on the GAR scoreboard though. Cas' track was pure evil for OWOOT rules, with high speed chicanes and tight corners following double jumps :)

    Community news

    Although the race was quite intense, people found time for more Stunts magic!

    The water rises

    The next race, ZCT207, will be on a water-and-pipes nightmare track by Leo. Good luck, and keep your car out of the sea!


  • August 26

    Automatic for the pipsqueaks

    August is almost over, but ZCT205 got there faster and closed yesterday. A few quiet replays appeared, but this time, instead of flipping the podium around, they just confirmed the same ranking.

    At the top we have CTG, with a strong lap using all sort of bouncy tricks: a sleeve full of magic carpets, banked road speed-ups, bridge ramp skips... go and have a look, there's a lot to learn there. The lap arrived two weeks in the race and was one of the last public ones, but still no-one managed to do better.

    In second position is Seeker1982, whose lap might lack the extra jumps, but it's still clean and fast! Duplode had a busy month apparently, and did not reach the podium this time, but an earlier strong replay gave him enough LTB hours to get an extra point. Oh, and I got third place: I designed the track for slow cars, but the fast and dynamic Audi race was quite fun :-)

    An interesting thing to note is that CTG's winning lap was completed with automatic gears. I was curious about that, so I went and checked previous results. Turns out that, excluding a SuperKart race and some special events, nobody has won a ZakStunts race with automatic transmission since 2001, when everyone switched to manual in the first year. That's quite impressive!

    Cars for next year?

    Speaking of SuperKart: Overdrijf, its creator, has been visiting the forum. Go and say hello :) This made me think about the next season, which is only a four months away. Should we bring the SuperKart back for 2019? Join the discussion on the forum, and try the kart!

    On to the next race

    The next track, ZCT206, was designed by Cas. And indeed it looks good, but quite challenging. There's been a few simple tracks recently, so I'm looking forward to race on this one.

    See you on the scoreboard!


On this day in 2016, while racing on ZCT182, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 9pm Cas: Ah! My track! :cheesy: Well, last time, everybody liked my track 4AM. Let's see how you guys feel with Napalm. Also, 4am had been raced years before in Paleke's championship. Napalm has never been raced on a tournament so far :smiley:
  • Duplode: Both Stunts Wiki: List_of_ZakStunts_race_winners (Zak got there before I did :smiley:) and the medal table at Stunts Wiki: ZakStunts are now updated :wink:
  • 10pm Marco: THAT'S GREAT ... I' M IN THE ALL OF FAME OF THE RACE WINNERS ... AND PROBABLY AT THE VERY LAST CHANCE :smiley:)). Don't understand how Friker has overtaken me on the Season standings without racing... Last race I was third in championship and now, after a winning, fourth ? It's better to do not win !
  • 11pm Zak McKracken: Marco : seasonal standings are resorted per real scores = 4 worst results don't count. Until now it was sorted per accumulated points.
  • Duplode: Marco: REAL scores at the season standings sometimes do not make much sense until the final rounds, as the worst three results are discarded at any point of the season. In this case, Friker "gained" ten points by missing Z182 because now his zero-points Z182 is being discarded instead of one of his third places. So he didn't actually overtake you -- it's just that the REAL scores reflect the actual situation better, now that the races that will be discarded for Friker won't change anymore (as he has three zero-points races already).
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