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  • July 6

    Oh, again a delayed site update. This time due to bacteria overload. I am feeling better now, so here you are! Track lasts for 24 days only so public days are shortened to 12 days as well.

    As for ZCT179, we had a nice balanced track from Leo, another unbeatable time and victory from Renato - congrats! I'm glad to see Bonzai Joe back - he can anytime enter the podium easily, regardless of the length of his hiatus :) Duplode secured the third place, claiming a long overdue team victory for Cork's Crew.

    We are halfways through the season so the REAL scores slowly start to make sense. Renato is leading with confidence - but it is not a lost cause yet for anyone in the top 4 to catch the title. So hit the tracks :)

  • June 8

    Sorry for the late update! ZCT179 (Thanks to Leo for the track!) will only last for 24 days, so replays are public only for the first 12 days.

On this day in 2008, while racing on ZCT086, some pipsqueaks wrote:

  • 2am Duplode: Oh, hello Antti, that looks like a nice opening time... :smiley:
  • 9pm CTG: Oh my God, Zak used Carrera instead of Countach!!!
  • CTG: Duplode: I'll defeat your time tonight. :wink:
  • Duplode: "And I am waiting patiently, I'll wait for the sign..."
  • CTG: Good! :wink:
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