1. Cas

    Hey, happy birthday, @dosbox92 Cheesy

  2. Alan Rotoi

    Happy birthday @dosbox92!!

  3. Overdrijf

    O je mag best een beetje Nederlandsen hoor. Mogeschien kan je zelfs een paar nieuwe woorden verzinselen, zodat iedereen die Google Translate gebruikselt in de war raakt. (evil smiley) (EDIT: wow, Google Translate actually got them all basically perfectly. I'm kind of impressed.)

  4. Mortimer McMire

    Don't know if another language but English is allowed here. But I guess one word isn't going to be that big of a deal. Bedankt (thanks) @overdrijf!

  5. Overdrijf

    By the way, a mildly belated welcome to @Mortimer! I just noticed the country flag, and I have to welcome a fellow Dutchy.

  6. Ryoma

    Disapointed...I did 1'43.05 with the 962 with a big penalty

    ▷ 5:14.93 Porsche 962 IMSA

  7. Duplode

    Also, fast driving is on its own very useful in a team, as it helps setting a reference and a baseline on what's possible. If teammates then chime in with cool shortcut ideas on the top of that, well, that's just good teamwork Smiley

  8. Alan Rotoi

    @Marco, the 17th of March we have a live race. You can join us! It's almost no RH just crash recovery. Live races 2024

  9. Marco

    I'm very sorry for my team. I'm still quite fast but I don't "see" shortcuts and I don't know how to chose the best car. So I cannot give suggestions to you to permit us to have a hide advantage against the top teams. You know that I'm a NORH racer, so I'm only quite good to go quite fast. I suffer a lot RH but i have understood that it's thanks to RH that we have this great community Smiley So I have to love RH anyway!!!

  10. dreadnaut

    That's hard work @Overdrijf, well done!