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  1. Duplode

    Welcome back, Gutix! It's fantastic to see you around.

  2. Cas

    Let's see how I do with the Porsche March Indy :smiley:

  3. GTAMan15

    And for you, Stan, don't try to cheat on the race by cutting too much parts of the track. You'll get penalty times anyway, if you do that. Instead, play fairly

  4. GTAMan15

    Why aren't those images gray, as they look like in the game?

  5. dreadnaut

    But you are still entering the incorrect penalty: c214sta-3.png

  6. Stan 286XT

    I am not on gar competition

  7. dreadnaut

    @Stan Note that your best time at the moment is the one where you don't cut the track, and you have no penalty time. When you pile up 3 minutes of penalty, it's difficult to get a good position on the scoreboard!

  8. Overdrijf

    It is, literally. You can either try to jump to the right and slide back on to the road there (you skip the two bridge elements so you need to drive across the square with the offramp to avoid penalty time) or you can jump straight, drive on to the banked corner and come back in over the chicane tiles (you pass under both bridge elements so you can skip the off ramp and a single straightaway tile and still avoid penalty time). Another option is to miss the ramp and jump the hill to land on the elevated corner, but that's a tricky line...

  9. dreadnaut

    @Stan Yes, the high jump is not meant to be completed. Under "All results" you can download other people's laps and see how they deal with that.

  10. Stan 286XT

    The high jump is impossible