Z Z News

  1. afullo

    Thank you, Cas!

  2. Marco

    Seeker, have you been able to reach the point ?

  3. Marco

    No possibility to win in this way against you but, with the ltb points, i m covering a bit :smiley:).

  4. Cas

    Happy birthday, Afullo!

  5. Duplode

    That is a delicious way to win a race :cheesy:

  6. afullo

    You would have been able to upload from mobile at the proper time...

  7. Marco

    I must go in holiday, no chance for me to improve in the last days or to place a hidden. So this is your target my friends.

  8. afullo

    Thanks, ntsc (or secam)... :cheesy:

  9. dreadnaut

    Happy birthday pal!

  10. afullo

    Thank you! Now we tie, again. :smiley: