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  1. dreadnaut

    Wow: Cas, Friker, and Renato all in these days! Happy birthday to all :cheesy:

  2. Marco

    GAR is OPOOT. One pixel on or over the track

  3. Seeker1982

    happy birthday from me, too btw: I've made both of my current R4K replays public, also I've seen that thanks to Duplode I have my own wiki.stunts.hu entry - i quite like the "utterly dominating OWOOT-races" :cheesy: )

  4. Cas

    Thank you, guys! :cheesy: Alright... I'll see if I can post the replay now. Edit: It worked! :smiley: Edit again: Happy birthday, Friker!

  5. Alan Rotoi

    Happy birthday Cas!!

  6. Heretic

    Happy birthday, @Cas!

  7. dreadnaut

    Mmmh, something odd is afoot: same problem on the RPLInfo page 🤔 There seems to be an issue with the temporary directory for uploads, which is outside what I can touch. Let's see if it gets fixed by the hosting...

  8. Cas

    I'm getting a strange message when trying to post a replay. It says "Sorry, you didn't submit a replay. Try again". And I try again and I AM submitting a replay and they file is OK. I don't know what to do :S

  9. Marco

    I'm pushing very much ... have you found a new way Dread ? :smiley:)) Tell me, tell me.

  10. dreadnaut

    I like this race :cheesy: