Z Z News

  1. Stingray86

    Stingray is back from his summer holiday! In none other than the Vette! Which is again slow in this game haha. I agree the Trueno is too slow but what do you expect from 185 wide tires. The ZR-1 has 315 wide on the rear but still also looses traction!

    ▷ 2:33.18 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

  2. Overdrijf

    Honestly I feel like the Trueno may have come in at too low a bonus. I'll quote myself from the thread the car was originally introduced in: "What I don't like is being overtaken by Skid in an LM02". I'm probably not doing the car justice by that in several ways, but I don't really see it coming into play at a bonus below at least 20% or so, probably higher, based on Leo's results as well. (Although this car is about controlled sliding, so seeing it on a bendy track would give a better indication.) Maybe see if we can patch that number up a little next month?

  3. Shoegazing Leo


    ▷ 1:53.16 Lamborghini Countach

  4. Shoegazing Leo

    (Robert riffing)

    ▷ 2:22.72 Ferrari GTO

  5. Shoegazing Leo


    ▷ 2:19.02 Audi Quattro

  6. Shoegazing Leo


    ▷ 2:13.58 Ferrari F40

  7. Shoegazing Leo

    Let's try

    ▷ 3:04.78 Toyota Sprinter Trueno

  8. Alan Rotoi

    I think a link to the stunts copy with the new cars in the homepage would be useful :smiley:

  9. Shoegazing Leo

    I miss you, Melange!

  10. Cas

    Five different cars on the scoreboard! I feel obliged to introduce a sixth, ha, ha. I'll do it when I finish today's work in a moment. And yeah, I'll miss the Melange this season too.