Z Z ZCT221

Requiem for a decade, by CTG

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  1. 1 FinRok 2 weeks ago

    1:08.291:31.05 driving Ford Ranger (m)

  2. 2 CTG 2 weeks ago

    1:09.711:32.95 driving Ford Ranger (m)

  3. 3 Overdrijf 2 weeks ago

    1:11.851:35.80 driving Ford Ranger (m)

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  1. Cas

    A first try on this track

  2. Overdrijf

    You guys are lucky, the new device is going in for an exchange, so this race will be finished on the device that started the season. No 50 seconds driven time for me.

  3. Stan 286XT

    for me is too difficoult trottle a modern PC slow down..... I run windows 98 in dos mode ;virtually a pc whit 640kb of ram and I take advatage of a modern fast cpu!!! Is good but ms-dos 3.30 286+fpu +1mb of ram is an ather thing!!!!!!! my mfm controller miss floppy a: but read b: if I broken it were I found mfm controller? Now GOOGLE is 51% of google whot think google about zack stunt's? Can google project Stunt'sII?

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