Z Z ZCT224

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  1. 1 CTG 4 days ago

    1:05.051:05.05 driving Jaguar XJR9 IMSA (m)

  2. 2 dreadnaut 3 weeks ago

    1:05.551:05.55 driving Jaguar XJR9 IMSA (m)

  3. 3 Heretic 2 weeks ago

    1:06.351:06.35 driving Jaguar XJR9 IMSA (m)

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  1. sd4000

    Yes. It really was. Maybe next weekend we can race on Saturday?

  2. Cas

    It certainly was great! I am looking forward to the live races next weekend again. I'll be preparing a track or two :smiley:

  3. Overdrijf

    The live racing was a lot of fun, and the best part is: we're doing another session next week! :cheesy:

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