Z Z ZCT216

Countryside, by Afullo

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  1. 1 Marco 6 days ago

    0:50.510:55.50 driving Porsche 962 IMSA (m)

  2. 2 Seeker1982 3 weeks ago

    0:52.050:57.20 driving Porsche 962 IMSA (m)

  3. 3 Duplode 2 weeks ago

    0:53.690:59.00 driving Porsche 962 IMSA (m)

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  1. afullo

    I remember playing hotseat multiplayer with that game, and beating a friend of mine in Monaco full race (78 laps) after an error by him at the last curve while only few laps remained... :wink:

  2. Seeker1982

    @Marco I havn't played stunts in a while since I've basically given up improving my current time. If I want to become any faster in the main-comp I'd need some hands on training - e.g. I still can't to controlled slides (esp. stopping slide at will) or inner loopcuts. However I'm training for an old challenge of yours: Grand Prix 2 (Geoff grammond) - Imola/Italy - 3laps quick race from last position at ace difficulty with keyboard and without any aids (well except auto-gearchange for me, can't control GP2 without remapped keys)

  3. Duplode

    I have updated http://scr.stunts.hu/mods.html to include the fourth DOS version unearthed by Marco and GTAMan15, as well as a Speedgate zip with correct filenames, fixing a mix-up you folks had reported a while ago.

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