Mortimer McMire Netherlands

Joined on February 2024 (Amateur)
34 years old

Not part of a team

  • Expertise

    Grinding away for a tenth of a second progress, putting me in tenth place instead of eleventh.

  • Problems

    - Putting the car in the right gear for cornering

  • Background

    Mortimer McMire, also known as The Grand Intellect (and to his annoyance, also as the Gannalech), is Commander Keen's ultimate nemesis, an evil human prodigy with the IQ of 315 who will not rest until he has destroyed the whole Universe. Not much is known about his origins or family, except for his sister Molly. Mortimer seems to be about the same age as Keen (and was probably his classmate), so he should be around 8 years old.

Seasonal activity

Mortimer McMire 2024 Average
Sent replays 6060.0
Active days 2323.0
Participation rate 80%80.0%
Final/Current position
Best position 31st31
Average position 00

Seasonal results

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11.8 11.8