No winner was declared after the 2003TDC, but of course the entries are available for download here.
If you are intrested in the rules, click here
Name/Info Picture
Storm by Akoss Poo
Current points: 3.95265 (8 votes)
Car recommended: mainly Porsche March Indy + Jaguar, Porsche 962 medium speed track, shortcut ability, power gear ability. good for no replay handling driving, but rather a competition track.
Everglades by Krys Toff
Current points: 3.94122 (9 votes)
Shortcuts allowed but penalty time will count.
Balaton by Zak McKracken
Current points: 3.74091 (5 votes)
IMSA/Indy cars for the lovers of slower tracks.
Meteora by Krys Toff
Current points: 3.59407 (8 votes)
This track is long but fast. It's designed for no-6th gear but fast cars : Porsche 962, Jaguar XRJ9 or Melange XT88, Zak/Kalpen rules.
Chamonix by Argammon
Current points: 3.57197 (8 votes)
This track has been designed for the Porsche-March/Indy and it is strongly recommended to use manual gears.
Ganymede by CTG
Current points: 3.55903 (8 votes)
Tested with Melange, deisgned mainly for IMSA cars.
Nuisance by Argammon
Current points: 3.47143 (8 votes)
Car recommended: Indy. Replay gives an idea how to drive this track.
Arena by CTG
Current points: 3.46928 (6 votes)
A curve-filled track for fast and fastest cars, recommended for racers who like longer runs (1:30-2:00)
Valhalla by Argammon
Current points: 3.40556 (5 votes)
Car:Indy manual gears Track is for experts only,newbies go race default ;)
Alford by Akoss Poo
Current points: 3.38873 (8 votes)
Designed for the Porsche March/INDY. Shortcuts are allowed, no special rules for this track.
Hotrod by Krys Toff
Current points: 3.32786 (6 votes)
Designed for Indycar, Zak's/Kalpen's rules. Manual gears highly recommended ! Try to beat my time written in highscore table.
2 Isles by satanziege
Current points: 3.13056 (5 votes)
Tested with Indy and fun with any car, that's hard to control
Hometown by satanziege
Current points: 3.04722 (5 votes)
This track is inspired by my hometown, I tried to rebuilt the way i drive each day ;)
Fortytwo by Zak McKracken
Current points: 2.90544 (9 votes)
TDC2003 track designed for the Porsche March Indy, but you can also try with other cars.
The Cube by Alain
Current points: 2.80524 (8 votes)
indy car
Assomoir by Alain
Current points: 2.76915 (6 votes)
use a solar cream against skin burns, we are in the australian desert
Tromatiz by Alain
Current points: 2.31787 (8 votes)
indy, manual gears, zakstunts rules.LONG LIVE TROMA!
Goal!!! by Warner Brothers
Current points: 1.85211 (8 votes)
This is a training track, designed for any car, but preferently no 6th gear car
Speedz by Max Nokhrin
Current points: 1.56608 (6 votes)
Although the map seems easy at first, it isn't.